451 Research: Achieving Faster Access to Secure Data In a DataOps Environment

We really do believe a dataops platform seriously changes the game. Data consumers are being asked by the business to go faster and innovate faster. Data operators are being asked to secure the data and make sure that it can scale and that nothing is lost and that it’s all backed up. They’re all doing the right thing, and yet there’s this incredible amount of friction in large part because it’s a reactive model. It’s always about the consumers asking the operators to provision a new data source or to back up to the last refresh to the last snapshot of production from two months ago.

That whole reactive model we think can be switched on its head to where now the operators can set up a wide range of governance policies for where the data is stored, how it’s accessible, what data can be shared and to whom. Now with a DataOps platform, operators, like SREs with DevOps, have a platform in which the data consumers can now have self-service access to data and can operate at a much, much faster rate.

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patrickPatrick Lightbody founded two companies in the website testing space, one acquired by Gomez and the other acquired by Neustar. In addition to his entrepreneurial tendencies, Patrick is also a frequent contributor to open source software, particularly in the areas of Java web development and open source QA automation technologies.


henryHenry Baltazar is a Research Director for the Storage Channel at 451 Research. Henry returned to 451 Research after spending nearly three years at Forrester Research as a senior analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals and advising Forrester clients on datacenter infrastructure technologies. Henry has evaluated and tested storage hardware and software offerings for more than 15 years as an industry analyst and as a journalist.