How to Protect Sensitive Data in Your DevOps Pipelines and Salesforce Sandboxes

Achieve compliance with stringent privacy laws and protect valuable customer data

Achieve compliance with stringent privacy laws and protect valuable customer data

As the world’s leading CRM solution, Salesforce contains mission-critical data that connects companies with their customers. As the centerpiece of the customer record, Salesforce contains large amounts of Personally Identifiable Information which often goes unprotected in Salesforce development sandboxes and integrated test environments.

Enterprise customers have many development sandboxes across their Salesforce organizations, creating an enormous attack surface for bad actors inside the organization, or from hackers infiltrating the IT system. The risk grows when Salesforce data is required for complex SIT or UAT testing with other applications.

Security and ops teams often rely on brittle, error-prone scripts that can’t scale to meet the needs of a large organization with potentially thousands of Salesforce tables. Sensitive data can easily leak into development environments, resulting in non-compliance with increasingly stringent internal and regulatory requirements.

Watch this webinar to understand how the DevOps Data Platform can:

  • Replace manual processes with automated discovery and masking of sensitive data
  • Operationalize continuous compliance quickly and accurately for GDPR, CCPA, and other regional regulations
  • Prevent theft of sensitive data can be used to force ransom payments by cyber attackers
  • Efficiently secure and replicate Salesforce data into integrated test environments
Tess Maggio

Tess Maggio is a Product Manager at Delphix focusing on integration strategy for applications like Salesforce. She also manages the roadmap for Microsoft SQL Server, SAP ASE, and pursues innovation in the Compliance space. Prior to Delphix, Tess worked to scale Via, a high-growth transit-tech startup. She holds a B.S. from Yale University, where she was also a Fellow at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute.

Lenore Adam

Lenore Adam is a Director of Product Marketing at Delphix and has 20+ years of experience in product marketing and product management roles at HP, Cisco, and Silicon Valley startups. Having caught the technology bug early in her career, she was fortunate to be on the front lines during major industry shifts such as the explosive growth of x86 servers, the extraordinary transition to Agile development, and now the boundless promise of the cloud.