How to resolve Data Bottlenecks in your Application Development

Delphix is revolutionising the way you manage your business data. The challenge is delivering and securing data to development and test teams with the aim of accelerating releases.

We would like to share with you how we can resolve your data-bottlenecks and drive innovation within your enterprise by accelerating application development in hybrid, multi-cloud environments, whilst maintaining security and compliance.

Watch this webinar to find out why data is the key to accelerating application development:

  • How to manage data with the same speed and agility as DevOps teams manage code
  • How some of Delphix’s most innovative customers, like HSBC, are eliminating their data-bottlenecks
  • The latest innovations in data virtualisation and masking
Chay Thornhill

I have 25 years of experience as a technical creative leader with expertise in providing innovative data solutions to address application data bottlenecks. Having worked at IBM for 11 years, and then for a number of leading investment banks. It was managing the Data Services team at Fidelity International, where I came across Delphix which would help me automate the delivery of Data to application development teams. I wrote the business case, gained approval and implemented Delphix at Fidelity. The Delphix platform has grown massively since those early days, and now I manage the Solutions Engineering team at Delphix. Having been a customer I have a great view of how we can help accelerate application development whilst removing data bottlenecks.