On-Demand Webinar

Introduction to Central Management

Learn how the Central Management service can be used to monitor, manage and control your data, enterprise-wide, as well preview upcoming features

Join Jason Grauel, VP of Product Management and Alexandros Mathopoulos, Product Manager, Data Privacy & Security at Delphix for a demo and discussion of Delphix's new Central Management service.

Jason and Alexandros will cover Delphix's product strategy, demo how the Central Management service can be used to monitor, manage and control your data, enterprise-wide, as well preview upcoming features. You'll learn how to:

  • connect engines to Central Management
  • search and review all enterprise data
  • execute actions across disparate data sets
  • control access via Single Sign-on and API keys
Meet the Speakers
Jason Grauel

Jason is the VP of Product Management and has been with Delphix for over six years helping to grow Delphix from an early stage company. He was involved in creating the Product Management practice at Delphix and was able to help the company expand from the initial focused offerings to our current set of capabilities. Prior to Delphix, Jason worked at Symantec working on a variety of security products and initiatives.Jason works and lives in San Francisco but spends the bulk of his time with customers around the world. As with the rest of the company, he's committed to improving the way developers work with data.

Alexandros Mathopoulos

Alexandros has been with Delphix as a Product Manager for over three years. He is an expert on the role of proper data usage in application development, enterprise data automation and human processes. Alexandros focuses on bringing new initiatives to market, incorporating data masking, new virtualization data sources, developer experiences, and SaaS offerings.