Introduction to the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform - an integrated platform that virtualizes, secures, and manages data on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid IT environments. The platform’s unique capability is delivering self-service access to data users through personal, virtualized data environments that they can control with minimal impact to source systems.

Watch a demo video and explore how the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform can deliver faster, secure and flexible data for your most important projects:

  • Application and Data Acceleration: Companies can now treat data like code by recording every change and reconstruction to any point in time. Storing, compressing and replicating data in near-real time means data no longer slows businesses down.
  • Data Privacy and Security: Enterprises can prevent unintentional release of sensitive data with control over access, retention, and audits. They can also mask sensitive data in critical applications to prevent release of personally identifiable information.
  • Cloud Adoption: Enterprises moving data to the cloud can move massive amounts of data once but still refresh it from on-premise or hybrid sources.


About the Speaker

patrickPatrick Lightbody founded two companies in the website testing space, one acquired by Gomez and the other acquired by Neustar. In addition to his entrepreneurial tendencies, Patrick is also a frequent contributor to open source software, particularly in the areas of Java web development and open source QA automation technologies.