Just in Time Digital Transformation

Don’t Let Your Doorbusters Become Production Busters

Every industry has their own crunch time, when all hands are on deck and systems need to perform at the highest level. For retail it's Black Friday. The difference this year is instead of people flocking to physical stores, the majority of shopping will be done online, leaving no room for errors, downtime, or slow applications. End-to-end systems must be tested and tested again to ensure peak performance remains to be stable and processed as per SLAs.
In this webinar, Kumar Vellore and Steve Karam will talk about preparing for a cyber holiday shopping season through digital transformation of applications and services, rigorous testing, and improved production resiliency.
Watch this webinar to find out how to find out how Delphix helps retailers:

  • Accelerate online and mobile application releases.

  • Enhance and improve customer experience (CX), reduce production defects (shift-left) by 27%.

  • Improve infrastructure resiliency, reduce unplanned downtime by 65%.

  • Time-travel to recover faster from outages, ransomware and logical data corruption during high volume days.

  • Protect personal and sensitive production data in lower environments to facilitate global 24x7 development and testing.

  • Offload critical analytics, and reporting workloads to production like data in lower environments without compromising production stability.

Kumar Vellore

Kumar Vellore, Customer Success Director (East), was awarded the prestigious Macy’s President’s “Best of the Best” award for optimization and efficiency in 2016. Kumar and his team were awarded the Center of Excellence Award during the Oracle Open World in 2016 for deploying Macy’s first application in Oracle Public Cloud. Kumar has over 25 years of IT service and delivery operations and has worked with best in breed Fortune 100 customers, many within the retail industry.

Steve Karam

He is the Senior Director, Education, and Enablement, and a long time leader in data technology and education with over 20 years in the IT industry and has worked with many of the worlds’ top retail brands. As an Oracle consultant under the pseudonym of the Oracle Alchemist, he has earned recognition as an Oracle Certified Master, Oracle ACE, and has spoken at many conferences including Oracle Open World and been published in books and articles. Steve is also a natural tinkerer and has worked with most cloud, RDBMS, NoSQL, and development systems.