Mind the “Data Gap” for DevOps Success

DevOps expert Gene Kim explains how to join the Fast Release Revolution.

Every day, industry leaders like Google, Amazon and Etsy make thousands of deployments, turning to the Lean Startup and DevOps movements to power that market-driven necessity. However, these companies are outliers--many others struggle to make significant gains despite the investment of time and money into new programs.

What sets the exceptional outliers apart from those who are failing to keep pace is a robust strategy around data. This "Data Gap" disproportionately affects companies with large ERP implementations or other complex systems of record. Join Gene Kim, along with Adam Bowen from Delphix, to explore how to bolster your approach to data management for a stronger, more efficient software development lifecycle.

You'll learn about:

  • • The top predictors of DevOps success
  • • The surprising data risks faced by DevOps adopters
  • • Emerging tools for quickly creating production-like dev/test environments