The Revolution: From Databases and DevOps to DataOps

The transition for many DBAs and developers to DevOps was challenging and the cloud wars have begun. With data friction on the front line and DBAs and Developers in the trenches, a platform revolution is needed. For this revolution to gain momentum, we need to learn new skills and embrace a new mindset to accomplish the challenges ahead.

This next webinar from Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman builds on previous DevOps concepts and tools to demonstrate how to build out enterprise DevOps with data gravity at it’s center. Learn how to take DevOps to the next level and introduce DataOps to the mix to remove the roadblocks that limit all members of the team, especially DBAs.

Register for this on-demand webinar for insights on:

  • • Evolving from database centric to DevOps focused and further to DataOps

  • • Enabling your business by removing data gravity, and the friction is causes, with virtualized environments

  • • Creating data pods to simplify and empower virtualized environment management