Why data automation is the
missing link in your DevOps toolchain

To achieve​​ Internet and cloud speed and scale, enterprises must adopt solutions that are programmable and API-driven. And while storage, compute, and code have all been automated, data remains a rigid part of the stack that’s managed via slow and manual processes— bottlenecking everything from application development to cloud adoption.

In this webinar, presented in association with IT Pro we will dig into data automation, explaining what it is, how it works and how embracing it can supercharge your DevOps workflows, removing bottlenecks, increasing stability and accelerating the agility of your data throughout the stack. We’ll also discuss how data automation can help layer compliance and regulatory safeguards on top of your existing processes to help keep your organisation protected.

  • What is a DevOps data platform, and how it transforms software development, cloud migration, and privacy compliance
  • 6 API-driven capabilities essential for development, SRE, and data science teams
  • Ways to integrate programmable infrastructure with toolchains for DevOps, TDM, CI/CD, and AI/ML
Scott Butler - Senior Solutions Engineer, Delphix

Scott has over 24 years of experience in data management & protection, working collaboratively with clients to find solutions to their complex data problems, helping to drive business value for accelerated app dev & digital transformation. Scott's experience has been built working for leading resellers, start-ups and corporates alongside teams in some of the UK & Europe's largest enterprises and financial institutions.

Adam Shepherd - Reviews and Community Editor, IT-PRO

Adam is responsible for coordinating all of the hardware and software reviews across IT Pro, Cloud Pro and Channel Pro, from laptops and smartphones, all the way up to enterprise-grade data centre servers and network management software. He also runs the IT Pro Panel, a flagship initiative which sees CIOs and tech leaders from the likes of Dominos, Oxfam and GoCompare sharing their experience and insight with the IT Pro community.