white paper

Accelerate App Dev with DevOps Data Automation

Fill the data delivery gap in the DevOps toolchain with automated data workflows

Too many businesses base their DevOps initiatives on software pipelines that insufficiently address one of the most important elements in the development lifecycle—data. Infrastructure and applications might be provisioned to test environments in a matter of minutes, but the data might not be there for three weeks.

Automated data operations are the key to optimizing continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows. In this paper, discover how industry leaders are confronting this data challenge head on, and learn about:

  • • Industry benchmarks for infrastructure and data provisioning speed

  • • Data bottlenecks that hinder release velocity

  • • How application development teams leverage the Delphix DevOps Data Platform to automate data operations in CI/CD pipelines

Download the white paper to find out how to accelerate application development with DevOps data automation.