Why Delphix

It all comes down to speed.

Accelerate, simplify, and transform the way you deliver data

Delphix accelerates, simplifies, and transforms application development. We solve a universal problem faced by every enterprise: managing the data that is the lifeblood of applications. From vision to validation, Delphix delivers.

Proven value with a track record of success

We've helped over 30% of the Fortune 100 in the race to bring new applications, features, and upgrades to market – including industry #1 leaders across banking, retail, insurance, and high technology. Delphix customers, on average, achieve a 4x ROI in fewer than five months.

"Delphix has been consistently able to solve meaningful problems such as velocity and volume, but what it really solves is time. Wow, this stuff really works."

-Ralph Loura, former CIO, HP Enterprise & Clorox

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Delphix Platform

A single, innovative platform for your data

Delphix unifies data operations across your enterprise. End users get self-service access to the data they need in minutes. Delphix installs on existing hardware, making it simple and easy to deploy on premise or in any cloud - so your enterprise is Delphix-ready today.

"Delphix is an amazing and no-hassle solution."

-Johan Kruger, Technology Implementation Manager, SAB Miller

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Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access

Leader with a vision

We're constantly innovating to deliver more value to our customers. Delphix pioneered data virtualization and, today, is the only integrated data masking and virtualization solution on the marketplace.

"Delphix has enabled true continuous delivery, making us more competitive, improving the quality of our services, and helping us drive business growth."

-Marco Guadagnini, Operations Infrastructure Manager, Fastweb

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Delphix ROI Calculator

Delphix enables companies to reduce their data footprint by up to 90% and eliminate many of the manual steps in setting up an environment, such as provisioning a database. With the added benefits of self-service, integrated masking, and version control for data, IT teams can complete application projects in a fraction of the time and cost it takes today.

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Adopting Delphix could lead to the following improvements in the first year:

Infrastructure Savings

85% less storage required to support virtual environments*
Saved:0 TB/$0*
*Percentages based on average customer metrics. Actual results may vary. Savings based on annual storage cost of $8,000 per terabyte.

IT Operations Savings

99% less time to refresh an environment*
Saved:0 Labor Hours/$0*
*Percentages based on average customer metrics. Actual results may vary. Savings based on an IT hourly wage rate of $73.

Project Acceleration

50% Less time to release code to production*
Saved:0 Labor Hours/$0
*Percentages based on average customer metrics. Actual results may vary. Savings based on an IT hourly wage rate of $73 and a 10% improvement in developer productivity.


  • 3 days to refresh an environment
  • 1 TB of non-production storage
  • Multiple admins
  • Limited non-prod environments
  • Static, inflexible data


  • 15 minutes to refresh an environment
  • 0.15 TB of non-production storage
  • Self-service
  • Scale environments on demand
  • Dynamic versioning features: reset, rewind, integrate data

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Case Study

Molina Healthcare is a Fortune 500 managed care company with more than three million members, primarily through government-based programs including Medicare and Medicaid.

With healthcare reform driving an explosion in membership, Molina faced increased demands to deliver the data fueling business-critical applications, with three key challenges: business growth, HIPAA compliance, and scale.

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