SQL Server Backup, Recovery, And Security Platform

Provide a truly agile data infrastructure: enable fast, secure data access for projects that depend on SQL Server.


With Delphix, your SQL Server data is:

  • Fast

    Sync with production sources and instantly provision copies to targets over iSCSI.

  • Secure

    Automatically mask sensitive data in non-production SQL Server environments.

  • Everywhere

    Easily move SQL data to Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Put the Delphix Data Platform to work for you.


    Delphix connects to SQL Server backups and syncs with the production source, building a continuous history of data changes. DBAs can provision space-efficient virtual copies from any point in that history in just minutes, and automatically mask them to protect sensitive data. Virtual copies behave like physical ones and can be used with replication and mirroring. Delphix supports SQL Server 2005 onwards, as well as Availability Groups and SQL Clusters.


    SQL Server DBAs need to swiftly execute recovery from a backup, often while under duress. With Delphix, backups are guaranteed and recovery of a virtual database from a specific point in time—down to the second—can be achieved in a click of a mouse. And because the Delphix platform efficiently compresses data while storing only unique blocks, it can retain 30 days of SQL Server backups in the size of the original source database.


    Fast provisioning of fully-functional, virtual SQL Server copies lets DBAs retake control over the scheduling and execution of nightly maintenance, ETL, or other batch processes. With Delphix, DBAs can easily spin up multiple copies for almost no extra storage, allocating them to afterhour jobs for Power BI, DBCC, or SQL Server Integration Services.

Delphix and SQL Server

Develop faster

Speed development of SQL applications

Agile development methodologies and DevOps require a fast flow of data to dev/test teams. Delphix provisions data copies derived from SQL databases and SQL clusters in just minutes, and puts self-service data controls directly into the hands of data consumers: refresh, rewind, branch, and share data at will.

Ensure security

Automatically mask sensitive data

Delphix enables companies to manage, control, and deliver data in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Adopt the cloud

Easily move SQL data to cloud environments

Delphix lets migration teams securely and efficiently replicate large amounts of SQL data into private or public cloud environments—without disrupting production operations. For hybrid architectures, Delphix ensures that cloud-based dev/test environments running on SQL Server stay synchronized with on-prem production sources.

Offload batch jobs

Allocate virtual data copies to maintenance and reporting

Nightly batch processes create scheduling conflicts and put unwanted load on production databases. With Delphix, DBAs can easily spin up space-efficient copies of production and dedicate them to ETL, maintenance jobs, or analytics tools such as Power BI.

Backup and restore

Swiftly recover from failure

SQL Server backups are often unwieldy in size, and recovery takes too long or isn't granular enough to prevent costly disruptions. Delphix can retain 30 days of backups in the space of the source because it efficiently compresses data and stores only unique blocks. It also tracks changes down to the second and enables fast recovery from any point in time.


Molina Healthcare Accelerates Development of SQL Applications

To speed digital initiatives essential for business growth, Molina Healthcare needed to eliminate data friction slowing down the development of SQL Applications. Together with Delphix, Molina introduced a solution to quickly mask and deliver data—across thousands of SQL Server databases—to downstream development and testing teams.

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