Delphix Partner Spotlight on Accuras

We shine a light on Ercan Eray, GM and shareholder of Accuras, a software and solutions company that specializes in delivering intelligent IT solutions to meet their client's ever-evolving business demands.

Lenore Adam

Aug 02, 2019

At Delphix, our strength is in our partnerships. We’re excited to kick off a new spotlight series that bring our partners front and center, highlighting a variety of global and regional technology and system integrator companies that help implement the Delphix platform for clients across the globe. In our inaugural edition, we shine a light on Ercan Eray, GM and shareholder of Accuras, a software and solutions company that specializes in delivering intelligent IT solutions to meet their client's ever-evolving business demands.

Tell us about Accuras and what your role is at the company.

Accuras is a technology company headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey that provides next-generation niche software solutions and consulting to enable clients from many industries to drive their next level technology transformation. I am the General Manager and shareholder of the company who owns all the responsibility in building the entire company strategy and GTM.

Our continuous commitment to our clients’ progress is the main fact why clients want to stay partnering with Accuras. We help them by making the complex simpler and translate our global expertise coming from various domains to a local level. We always build a risk-averse industry with a mix of operational efficiency, capability and innovation.

We also empower the business to be more agile and deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Our always-on learning agenda drives our clients continuous improvement through building and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from our solutions and services ecosystem. Delphix is an important part of our core solution offerings that helps our enterprise clients become operationally leaner and more agile in their development efforts.

We’ve been a Delphix partner for over 2 years, and earlier this year we were excited to announce that we achieved distributor status. This is quite a milestone for us as we’ve worked hard to assemble and train our team to sell and service Delphix, which is reflected in our successful delivery of the solution. We have built a solution architect team (including first Delphix certified black belt architect, which required a significant amount of training as well as documenting multiple case studies of our POCs) in our technology sales and services organization.

Can you tell us about how customers benefit from Delphix and Accuras working together?

One of our first customers with Delphix launched an ambitious DevOps strategy. They realized a core component of that strategy was improving the speed of data access for their dev and test teams. It’s not unusual for a CIO to look at data access as one of the final pieces in a DevOps maturity model, but this specific company’s CIO realized the data bottleneck immediately, so he made this an initial target. The Accuras solution included Delphix to help them get to the next level of an efficient, data-driven operational workflow.

Our consultants support our customers’ digital transformation projects from beginning to end. We are involved from the start in all parts of their transition, which includes designing the architecture, helping with implementation, training our teams to be self-sufficient, and continuing to support them in any way possible until the installation is complete.

Given your focus on the financial and insurance industry, I’m sure security is top of mind for your customers. What are the ways customers are leveraging data masking technology to meet regulatory compliance?

The most comprehensive regulation we deal with is KVKK, the Personal Data Protection Authority of Turkey, which is similar to GDPR. To comply with the regulations, the CIO of one of our financial customers mandated their data had to be both agile and secure. Delphix virtualization and masking was an obvious choice to solve these challenges.

Could you give us some examples of customer success stories when it comes to driving more value to the business?

One of our clients wanted to reduce data provisioning time for their UAT and pre-prod environments, which had become increasingly difficult as they faced storage shortages in their new data center. These shortages were causing problems in both test environments and database creation requests. Sometimes, it would take more than a week to export or import a database from their production systems. These challenges were being managed by either adding costly infrastructure or delaying the tests, which slowed the development cycle.

Since the customer deployed Delphix, they have ingested, virtualized, and masked multiple Oracle and MS SQL databases. Providing daily, fresh, masked data to UAT and pre-prod environments created the following benefits:

  • UAT teams can access data whenever they need it, and developers enjoy working with full data that is on-demand and under self-service control.

  • Export/import operations have become obsolete since virtual databases can be provisioned in minutes to any test team that requires it.

  • The DBA workload has also changed. Time-consuming export/import related jobs are no longer needed, and they’re able to focus on improving database performance and other production-related work streams that is a much more valuable use of their time.

As a result, Accuras used Delphix at the client site to virtualize and mask more than 10 databases, reducing the time to provision data from 5 days down to minutes and eliminating more than 300TB of storage infrastructure costs.

What do you think has been the secret to your success?

Myself and my technical team saw the value of the Delphix platform right away; it was a game-changing capability that solved problems that all of our customers were grappling with. It was our firm belief in the product that helped us successfully introduce and grow our business with Delphix. This was a new concept for the Turkish and Middle East IT market, and the Accuras team was tenacious in educating customers on the benefits. We have received phenomenal technical support both remotely and on-site from Delphix.

We also know our differentiation in the market is our people. Accuras employs highly-skilled professionals who are not only experts in their field but have a propensity for action, exploration, and innovation. They share their learning with customers to ensure project success.

Accuras delivers a full DataOps solution, which requires capable engineers to showcase the benefits of the product during the POC, close the sale, successfully install the product, and service the account on an on-going basis. We have a deep admiration for the Delphix solution and look forward to expanding the business to the Middle East in the near future! You can read more about our partnership with the Delphix team here.