Delphix for Telecom

Maximize telecom revenue by delivering and sharing compliant data faster

  • Accelerate development of apps and OTT media on 5G.

  • Personalize the subscriber experience.

  • Leverage cloud to rapidly introduce telecom innovation.

  • Partner to provide new subscriber experiences such as mHealth, and mPayments, and IoT applications.

  • Protect subscriber privacy

  • Optimize billing and order-to-activation processes.

Barriers to Innovation

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    Data Delivery Speed

    Need fast data for scaling up innovations and adding new experiences.

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    Outdated Applications and Infrastructure

    Aging and complex legacy IT applications are a major hindrance to cloud and digital transformation.

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    Data Privacy Concerns

    Protecting the mass amounts of sensitive customer information in the cloud can slow innovation.

How Can Delphix Help?

Delphix enables you to move, manage and secure enterprise data on-premises, in a cloud, or hybrid. Through API-driven access to virtual data, you can accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

  • Quickly migrate data to the cloud for agile development and testing.

  • Deliver virtualized dev/test data across hybrid and multicloud environments.

  • Provide dev/test teams with API access and controls to rewind, bookmark, version, and branch data.


Transform Customer Experience

  • Rapidly use data to bundle personalized services and experiences.

  • Easily share virtualized data with partners to add new services, such as payments, healthcare, IoT applications, and OTT media.

  • Quickly test end-to-end partner integrations using secure data environments.


Fortify Policy-Driven Data Privacy And Compliance

  • Identify sensitive information across data sources on premises and in cloud environments.

  • Address data privacy and regulatory compliance requirements by masking personal information.

  • Govern the flow and distribution of data from a single point of control.


Fast Delivery of Compliant, Data-Ready Environments

Below are some examples of how Delphix telecom customers are using the Delphix Data Platform.

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