Delphix for Telecom

Maximize telecom revenue by delivering and sharing compliant data faster

  • Accelerate development of apps and OTT media on 5G
  • Personalize the subscriber experience
  • Leverage cloud to rapidly introduce telecom innovation 
  • Partner to provide new subscriber experiences such as mHealth, and mPayments, and IoT applications
  • Protect subscriber privacy
  • Optimize billing and order-to-activation processes

How Can Delphix Help?

Delphix enables you to move, manage and secure enterprise data on-premises, in a cloud, or hybrid. Through API-driven access to virtual data, you can accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies

Find out how telecom companies benefit from Delphix

Delphix can help you accelerate innovation by leveraging your own enterprise data with a secure, self-service data platform.
Solution Brief

Delphix for Telecommunications

By embracing a DataOps strategy, telecom providers can securely and efficiently deliver enterprise data across the organization. Find out how.

These Four Major Forces Will Disrupt Telecom in 2020

The telecom industry is using a tremendous amount of data to deliver faster and more personalized customer experiences. Learn how DataOps can enable telecom providers to derive significant value from access to fast and secure data.

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