Delphix for Terraform

Terraform and Delphix together automate all enterprise data for DevOps.

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Accelerate software speed, quality, and compliance

  • 40%

    increase in development productivity

  • 70%

    reduction in production errors

  • 100%

    test data compliance

The Terraform Provider for Delphix
automates data for DevOps

Terraform is the de-facto enterprise standard for automating infrastructure, used by high-performing DevOps teams. Infrastructure and code have all been automated, but data remains the last automation frontier. Manual, stale, and unsecure test data slows down DevOps initiatives and hurts software quality and compliance.

The Terraform Provider for Delphix was designed to address these challenges.

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    Instantly and automatically deliver test data to accelerate CI/CD pipelines

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    Test often and early to dramatically reduce software defects in production

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    Automatically identify and protect sensitive data in dev/test environments


Manage data as code alongside infrastructure

  • API-centric automation

    Use Terraform to natively automate multicloud test data via Delphix APIs.

  • Manage ephemeral data

    Automatically provision, refresh, bookmark, share, rewind and teardown an unlimited number of ephemeral data environments.

  • Protect sensitive data

    Automate sensitive data identification and masking using pre-built advanced algorithms.

"With Delphix, automating the data tier reduces infrastructure costs, iterates faster on feature development and saves time in creating complex test scenarios."

Joseph Cutrono
Senior Director of Engineering, Ultimate Kronos Group

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