Get Fast, Compliant Data to Accelerate Transformation with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Delphix makes your application data ready for multicloud.


Automate Data to Adopt GCP Faster

Delphix automates compliant data delivery, streamlining your journey to GCP and the multicloud, then accelerating AppDev and AI once you get there.

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    Cloud compliance

    Protect sensitive data in GCP to comply with GDPR and CCPA.

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    Migrate data and apps

    Use compliant data for cloud trials and POCs. Shrink migration timelines by 20%.

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    Cloud-based development

    Deliver test data via API for DevOps and CI/CD. Accelerate releases by 2x.

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    AI transformation

    Feed data from any source and any point in time into AI models in GCP.

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    Shift enterprise data and apps from GCP to other clouds and back again.

Easily Move and Manage Data to Unblock Your Cloud Journey

Eliminate compliance risk in GCP

Delphix provides automated data profiling and masking to replace sensitive data with fictitious yet realistic values, all while retaining referential integrity across dev/test and data science environments.


Execute a faster, more streamlined GCP migration

Delphix dramatically shrinks migration projects: Lift and shift production environments to GCP, then use virtual data from Delphix to rebuild non-production environments that constitute 90% of total data.


Increase CI/CD velocity with API-driven control

Automate data alongside code, compute, and storage. Quickly deliver data into CI/CD pipelines to eliminate wait states, and shift left using production-like test data versioned via API.


Build better AI/ML models using better data

Instead of feeding models via thin ETL streams with 5-10% of total data, Delphix ingests, versions, and delivers complete datasets from any point in time for accurate AI/ML in GCP.


Sync application data from anywhere to GCP

Delphix non-disruptively and continuously syncs compliant data from sources in one cloud to targets in GCP for development, testing, or AI/ML.


Streamline the Transition to SAP HANA on GCP

Sync compliant data from on-prem SAP apps to GCP environments to fuel the data conversion, dev/test, and cutover rehearsals required to make the leap to HANA-based apps.

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