Delphix for Public Sector

Deliver mission impacts faster with automated access to compliant data

  •  Accelerate digital modernization and cloud adoption to achieve mission outcome goals.

  • Establish rapid and secure enterprise-wide data access for operational advantage and increased efficiency.

  • Comply with data protection laws and frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, and NIST.

  • Support a Zero Trust architecture with secure data delivery into application development workflows.

  • Run on any FedRAMP-compliant IaaS service.

Barriers to Application Modernization

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    Data security in the software supply chain

    Error-prone processes and brittle scripts for identifying and anonymizing sensitive information increase risk of sensitive data exposure.

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    Delayed adoption of modern DevOps processes

    Outdated ticketing systems and manual coordination for data delivery slows transformation projects.

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    Synchronizing complex data environments

    Diverse data sources distributed on-prem and in the cloud complicate integration testing and impede application release velocity.

How Can Delphix Help?

Move, manage, and secure data on-premises and in the cloud. Accelerate application modernization with API-driven access and control of lightweight virtual databases.

Protecting sensitive data

  • Automatically discover sensitive information such as names and email addresses

  • Masking replaces sensitive data with fictitious data while maintaining referential integrity

  • Irreversibly masked data eliminates unauthorized access to sensitive information, protecting against bad actors internally or externally

  • Monitor who has access to what data and for how long


Release mission-critical applications faster

  • Increase developer productivity and streamline processes by eliminated manual steps and coordination for data delivery and compliance

  • Automated provisioning of secure virtual databases eliminates legacy data wait states from modern DevOps pipelines, delivering TBs of data in minutes

  • Shift left with production-quality data to speed the developer feedback loop and improve software quality


Establish data-centric policies that transform development environments

  • Ensure enterprise-wide data access with a programmable data infrastructure that automates complex data operations across diverse data sources

  • Design the software lifecycle for compliance by delivering secure data to and from any location, such as on-prem to cloud or cloud to cloud

  • Improve data stewardship by establishing data governance controls and accountability in non-production environments


Fast Delivery of Compliant, Data-Ready Environments

Below are some examples of how government agencies and education institutions are using the Delphix Data Platform.

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