Delphix for ServiceNow

Enable data governance and automation by leveraging self-service workflows.

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Unblock developers to increase delivery speed and application quality

ServiceNow is the de-facto enterprise standard for streamlining business processes used by high-performing IT organizations. While data requests have been standardized using ServiceNow, manual processing and handoffs still result in significant overhead. Slow, stale, and insecure test data derails DevOps initiatives and hurts software quality and compliance.

The Delphix Spoke for ServiceNow was designed to achieve the following:

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    Empower developers to provision and refresh test data on demand

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    Eliminate manual processes that waste time and money

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    Enforce data governance and compliance policies


Transform ServiceNow data workflows

  • Self-managed ephemeral data
    Enable developers to automatically provision, refresh, bookmark, and teardown ephemeral data environments, offloading work from DBA teams.

  • Customized workflow automation
    Use ServiceNow to build custom and automated workflows to meet organizational requirements.

  • Data governance
    Control data through attribute-based permissions, while auditing consumption and usage.

Customer Testimonial

"Data is a big hole in CI/CD pipelines without Delphix. Delphix is like the magic sauce for data."

Rudy Gonzalez
Managing Director, Unisys

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