Delphix + Dell

DevOps Data Appliance

“DevOps in a Box” Solution from Delphix and Dell.

Enable Fast, High Quality Releases

The Delphix DevOps Appliance is a fully engineered solution that provides a transformative approach to test data management. Delphix syncs with production applications, discovers and masks sensitive data, and uses APIs to rapidly provision data into test environments. The result—fast, high quality releases with increased data security and compliance.

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    Accelerate Time to Market
    Faster, higher quality application releases with API-driven test data.

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    Enable Data Compliance, Security
    Protect from breach and comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

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    Decrease Costs
    Fully engineered appliance: reduce administrative expense and lower TCO using space-efficient data.

Fully Engineered Delphix + Dell Appliance

Reduce cost, complexity, risk, while increasing release speeds.

Key Capabilities

  • Instant data copies
    Accelerate development by creating application-consistent application and database copies in minutes.

  • Space-efficient
    Reduce TCO by provisioning space-efficient, virtual data sets.

  • Automated masking
    Discover and mask sensitive data with a comprehensive masking algorithm library.

  • Secure delivery
    Automate, control delivery of data across application lifecycle environments.

  • Rapid DB refreshes
    Refresh test environments in minutes in order to access changes to the production database.

  • Toolchain integration
    Pre-built integrations and REST APIs to integrate with popular DevOps tools.

  • Self service
    Refresh, bookmark, rewind, branch, share data via self-service UI, CLI, or APIs.

  • High quality data
    Deliver complete, realistic, and compliant copies of production from any point in time.

  • Multicloud ready
    Deliver data on prem or in private, public, or hybrid clouds.

Get DevOps in a Box

Discover how to transform application delivery with a fully engineered solution from Delphix and Dell.

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