Automate Data to Transform Your Business with Oracle Cloud

Cut Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) project timelines and costs in half.


Accelerate OCI Adoption

Data is a key bottleneck in the journey to OCI and fast, cloud-driven development. Delphix syncs data to OCI to speed migration, then versions, masks, and delivers data via API's to accelerate everything from application development to AI/ML.

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    Easily sync compliant data to OCI for faster cloud trials and migrations.

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    Find and mask sensitive data to comply with GDPR and CCPA.

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    Enable CI/CD and accelerate releases by 50%.

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    Deliver compliant data from any source and any time for AI model training.

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    Oracle EBS

    Lift and shift EBS to OCI 20% faster and accelerate ongoing dev/test.

Deliver Compliant Data 100x Faster to Accelerate OCI Projects

Streamline migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Reduce 90% of your data footprint by lifting and shifting only production environments to OCI, and rebuilding non-production environments in OCI with virtual data from Delphix. 


Secure non-production data on Oracle IaaS and PaaS

Ensure privacy and protection anywhere data resides in OCI. Automatically identify and mask sensitive information to maintain compliance before, during, and after OCI migration while retaining referential integrity.


Increase release velocity with API-driven control

Deliver data at a pace that matches an increased release cadence for fast-moving DevOps teams. Automate data alongside code, compute, and storage. Quickly provision data into CI/CD pipelines in OCI to eliminate wait states, and shift left using production-like data versioned via API.


Deliver high-quality, compliant data into AI/ML models

Instead of feeding models via thin ETL streams with 5-10% of total data, Delphix ingests, versions, and delivers complete datasets from any point in time for accurate AI/ML in OCI.


Put Oracle EBS projects on the fast track

Automatically mask, version, integrate, and deliver Oracle E-Business Suite data environments in OCI to accelerate migrations, implementations, customizations, and upgrades.


Optimize Operations on OCI Platform-As-A-Service

Delphix provides data virtualization and masking for non-production environments on OCI PaaS:

  • Oracle DBaaS VM

  • Oracle DBaaS Bare Metal

  • OCI Exadata @Customer and @OCI


Transform Oracle EBS Application Development and Accelerate Project Timelines by 2x

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