How to Automate Data for Hybrid Cloud App Dev

Cloud services play an increasingly critical role in helping companies accelerate innovation. 

Application teams can optimize around automated and repeatable software delivery processes, re-architecting IT procedures for a highly flexible infrastructure, and establishing the foundation for future cloud migration and adoption.
But what happens when your code is agile, but your data is not? Feeding and refreshing test data for cloud-based test environments from an on-prem production instance is harder than you think.  

Watch this webinar for an outline of real-world challenges and best practices to achieve data agility when application development is in the cloud and production remains on-premises.

Lenore Adam

Lenore Adam is a Director of Product Marketing at Delphix and has 20+ years of experience in product marketing and product management roles at HP, Cisco, and Silicon Valley startups. Having caught the technology bug early in her career, she was fortunate to be on the front lines during major industry shifts such as the explosive growth of x86 servers, the extraordinary transition to Agile development, and now the boundless promise of the cloud.

Alberto Sigismond

Alberto Sigismond after many years spent improving Storage and Data Protection for his customers leading Veritas flagship products like NetBackup, Velocity and most recently CloudPoint, Alberto Sigismondi currently works at Delphix, where his focus is on improving how Application Developers and QA embrace better DevOps best practices.
With over two decades of real-life in-the-trenches experience in different regions and countries, Alberto has always surrounded himself with great people from which he has learned the ins and outs of many business areas in Technical Support, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Consultancy, and Education. All those great experiences shaped him to be a Product Manager and he loves it.
Alberto is also an active Triathlete, eternal learner, husband, and father of 2 awesome kids.

doug- smith
Doug Smith

Doug Smith is Director of Cloud Alliances, He manage all aspects of our Business & Technology Partnerships with AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Oracle for Delphix. His background has technical roots in open/distributed systems and includes leadership roles in IT infrastructure and Operations, IT strategy consulting and services and Enterprise Software sales and implementation.