Data Control Tower

Multicloud data governance, automation, compliance.

Overcome multicloud data complexity, risk

Managing data across the multicloud is complex, costly, and risky. Siloed approaches to managing data across application lifecycle environments, many of which contain sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII), prevent developers and data scientists from getting the data they need.

Centrally govern and automate data for CI/CD

Data Control Tower (DCT) provides a single management plane to govern, automate, and ensure compliance for application data and CI/CD at scale.

Key capabilities

  • Data Mesh Library
    Sync and version control data in local nodes to meet residency and sovereignty requirements.

  • Automated Multicloud Compliance
    Discover sensitive data globally, mask data while preserving referential integrity across clouds, then deliver compliant data into lower environments.

  • Toolchain Integration
    Pre-built integrations with tools such as Terraform and ServiceNow automate data for CI/CD, analytics, and AI/ML workflows.

  • Governance and Controls
    Compliant data access via catalog, tags, and attribute-based access controls enables users to treat data as product and version control data independently.

  • DevOps Data APIs for CI/CD
    Enable fast, ephemeral, cost-effective data automations with APIs to provision, refresh, bookmark, rewind, and teardown data.

Hear From Our Customers

Sky UK accelerates DevOps with API-driven data automation

Learn how SKY uses Data Control Tower with Terraform Cloud to deliver fast, quality releases.

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Key benefits

  • Data Automation: Reduce Cost
    Use efficient, ephemeral data across clouds and at CI/CD scale.

  • Data Governance, Compliance: Reduce Risk
    Centralize data discovery, masking, and access to secure the data supply chain.

  • Data APIs, Self Service: Reduce Time to Market
    Increase developer productivity and shift left for speed and quality.

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