Compliance & Security

Automate and mask test data to eliminate security and compliance risks.

Don’t let your test data become front page news

Uneven, manual data controls leave test environments unprotected and add people as risk points, exposing businesses to compliance and security threats.

Enable zero trust for application data management

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    Comply with privacy laws by masking PII, PHI, and other sensitive data.

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    Protect against ransomware and extortionware to avoid millions of dollars in lost revenue.

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    Automate data operations across the DevOps data supply chain to eliminate people risk.

Automate secure, compliant data in DevOps pipelines

Masking for privacy, industry compliance

  • Discover data subject to privacy laws and industry regulations

  • Replace sensitive data values with realistic, but fictitious data

  • Automatically deliver masked data into test environments

Ransomware protection, detection, recovery

  • Immutably protect and recover data to any time down to the second or transaction

  • Test and validate data to quickly detect attacks

  • APIs and automation to instantly recover applications

Automated data operations

  • Replace developer and admin-driven workflows with automated masking

  • Use DevOps APIs for masked data delivery into development pipelines

  • Deploy a closed appliance with passwordless connections

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    Test Data Management

    Modernize test data for the world of DevOps, multicloud, and Zero Trust to deliver fast, high quality releases.

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    Data Compliance

    Find and mask sensitive data for compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

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    Ransomware Protection

    Continuously protect critical applications and enable fast, automated recovery.

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