Delphix for Financial Services and Banking

Deliver data for digital transformation and fintech innovation

  • Accelerate application development cycles to compete with disruptive fintech

  • Expand fintech ecosystems by safely sharing data

  • Leverage data for personalized banking experiences

  • Protect client PII, PCI, and confidential financial data

How Can Delphix Help?

Delphix enables you to move, manage, and secure enterprise data on-premises, in a cloud, or both. Through API-driven access to virtual data, you can accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies.

Find out how financial services companies and banks benefit from Delphix

Delphix can help you accelerate innovation by leveraging your enterprise data with an API-first data platform.

Tackling The Data Challenge For Regulatory Compliance in Banking

Download this eBook and get the latest insights into strategies for data security, compliance, and continuous testing in financial services and banking.
Solution Brief

Delphix for Financial Services

Delphix unlocks enterprise data and enables fast, self-service access to virtualized data while protecting personal client information through masking of sensitive information. Read the solution brief to find out how.
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Unlocking Innovation in Financial Services and Banking

Discover how financial services organizations, including Fannie Mae and ANZ Bank, accelerate app modernization and transform virtual banking experiences.

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