A platform for DevOps Test Data Management

The only API-first data platform for the multicloud that automates data security, while rapidly deploying data to accelerate development.

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The DevOps Data Difference

Automate data for fast, quality software releases, cloud adoption, and data security

  • DevOps APIs

    Automated, scalable platform to meet DevOps, CI/CD data demands

  • Multicloud

    Engines wherever development pipelines reside

  • Zero trust

    Immutable data, automated profiling and masking, automated delivery

  • Green data

    10x better utilization reduces costs, environmental impact

How it works

  • Source

    Source application data across the multicloud

    • Non-disruptive sync with any enterprise app and database in near real time

    • Support for private and public clouds, SaaS, PaaS

  • Protect

    Make data safe and compliant

    • Automatically discover PII and other sensitive data

    • Mask data values while preserving referential integrity

    • Immutable data for ransomware protection

  • Control

    Deliver and control virtualized, efficient test data via API

    1. Provision: Automatically deliver data to environments

    2. Refresh: Update data with current production data

    3. Bookmark: Save a version of data in time

    4. Rewind: Revert data to a saved point in time

    5. Teardown: Clean up, spin down date

    6. Share: Provide data version to collaborator

    7. Branch: Duplicate data to another environment

    8. Integrate: Set consistent data for group of sources

  • Integrate data with DevOps tools

    • Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, and others for CI/CD

    • AppDynamics, New Relic, Dynatrace, and more for SRE

    • Work with solutions like GitHub to version data alongside code


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