Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD

Enable DevOps TDM for faster, higher quality releases.

Application releases are slow and error-prone, stifling innovation

Without test data automation, application transformation projects lack the data-ready environments needed to accelerate releases.

Strategic use of test data is the catalyst to innovation

Transform application delivery across the multicloud, while protecting data privacy and security.

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The only automated DevOps data platform for application transformation

Test data APIs for DevOps

  • Automatically deliver data into development environments

  • Data refresh, rewind, integration, and version control

  • Easy integration with all major DevOps tools

Fast, production-like data for quality testing

  • Test with real, high-quality data to eliminate defects

  • Go from standing test environments to cost-efficient ephemeral environments

  • Data-ready environments for apps across the multicloud: SaaS, private and public clouds

Data masking for compliance and security

  • Automatically find personal and other sensitive data

  • Replace sensitive data values with synthetic data

  • Deliver masked data into development environments via APIs

Deliver fast, compliant data for TDM, CI/CD, SRE and more —all driven by APIs

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    Test Data Management

    Modernize test data for the world of DevOps, multicloud, and Zero Trust to deliver fast, high quality releases.

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    DevOps & CI/CD

    Conquer the last automation frontier—data. Support millions of CI/CD runs per month to achieve radical rates of innovation.

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    Site Reliability Engineering

    Automate data delivery in SRE workflows to dramatically reduce downtime for business critical applications.

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