Continuous Data

Decrease data footprints by 10x, accelerate provisioning by 100x


Change the Physics of Data

Data is growing fast across multicloud silos with access demands—for legacy modernization, CI/CD, AI/ML and more—only increasing. Delphix Continuous Data contains sprawl and delivers application data in minutes, not days.

Contain Data Sprawl

Every production app spawns 7 to 10 non-production environments, including dev, test, UAT, and more. Most contain nearly identical data. With data virtualization technology to sync, store, and then share across environments, Delphix reduces data footprints by 10x. And because virtual environments are provisioned from existing data blocks, provisioning times are 100x faster.

Delphix Provides an API-First Data Platform for the Multicloud

Scale-out performance

Each Continuous Data software engine can connect to multiple source apps and provides virtual databases and files for tens to hundreds of environments. Each virtual dataset is provisioned as an independent network mount.

  • Deploy additional engines quickly for scale-out performance

  • Support thousands of apps across clouds—with exabytes of data under management

  • Virtualize shared data blocks in memory to operate independent, read/write environments with high performance


Transform development environments

Comprehensive APIs automate a range of data operations: Refresh for the latest data, rollback for cleanup, sync sources for integration, restore to recover data, branch to support development branches, version data alongside code.

  • Use APIs to integrate data into CI/CD pipelines

  • Spin up/down environments to control cloud costs

  • Automatically profile, tokenize, and mask data for compliance


Data immutability

Delphix non-disruptively syncs data from sources, retaining data in 100x less space than traditional snapshot and backup solutions. It provides continuous, granular data protection critical for ransomware recovery, deleted data, and other types of data loss.

  • 100x better data protection space efficiency

  • 10,000x better data coverage 

  • Superior RPO (seconds or transactions boundaries) and RTO (minutes)


Multicloud data sync

By only sending compressed, changed data, Delphix can reduce bandwidth needed to sync data across the WAN by 50x. Delphix can sync data from on-prem apps to the multicloud, across engines in the cloud, and back again.

  • Execute “thin” migrations reducing costs and timelines

  • Ensure apps and projects are portable across clouds

  • Mask then sync data to enable cloud data compliance


Open and Extensible

Delphix Continuous Data is both open and highly extensible. It connects to a broad range of data sources. It also provides a comprehensive set of APIs, CLIs, and UIs to manage all data operations in any environment.


Introduction to the Delphix Data Platform

Watch Delphix solution engineers break down how the platform works, and explore ways to automate data for your most important projects across CI/CD,TDM, legacy modernization, and cloud adoption.

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