Compliance and Protection for Salesforce Data

Bring the flexibility of a programmable data infrastructure to Salesforce sandboxes


Deliver Secure Data Environments in Minutes

Ensure regulatory compliance in Salesforce sandboxes, accelerate application development, and automate data backup and recovery.

Automatically secure sensitive data:

API-driven masking provides fast and accurate anonymization of large Salesforce data environments

Streamline integration testing:

Deliver synchronized, secure data environments that maintain referential integrity for cross-application testing

Eliminate data bottlenecks:

Rapidly deliver compliant data to lower-level Salesforce environments to accelerate dev pipelines

Ensure production resiliency:

Time travel historical data down to the second or transaction to recover from development or customization errors

Data Sheet

Salesforce Data Compliance and Protection

Accelerate, automate, and secure Salesforce data with Delphix

Delphix Compliance for Salesforce Application Development

See how Delphix automatically identifies and masks sensitive data prior to delivery into non-production environments.

Delphix for Backup and Recovery of Salesforce Data

See how to use Delphix as a backup and recovery solution for Salesforce.

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