Privacy compliance for Salesforce data

Protect PII and other sensitive data with automated masking delivered as a service.

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Delphix Compliance Services for Salesforce

Businesses risk compliance penalties and cyber attacks on unprotected contact, customer, and financial data in vulnerable Salesforce sandboxes. Safeguard business critical information using a fully-automated masking service. Automation reduces the risk of breach from admins, contractors, and developers.

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    Enable data privacy compliance

    by masking data governed by privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

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    Protect from breach

    by securing sensitive customer data across all sandbox environments.

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    Use production-like, compliant data

    for high-quality Salesforce development and testing.


Get fast, automated
data compliance in three steps

1. Connect directly to Salesforce

Quickly establish a secure connection. Getting started is as simple as logging into Salesforce, then Delphix Compliance Services leverages native Salesforce APIs to automatically sync with your sandboxes.

2. Select your compliance rules—no scripts needed

Use a simple, intuitive interface to determine what data needs to be protected and how. With pre-identified fields for sensitive customer data such as names, email addresses, and payment information, it’s easy to find and select the right data, then assign or create your own compliance rules to make that data safe.

3. Apply masking to use compliant data for development

Data masking irreversibly transforms sensitive Salesforce values into fictitious, yet realistic equivalents, while preserving referential integrity. Our service can run any number of masking jobs, easily scaling to meet compliance needs for organizations of any size.

Feature overview

  • Cloud-native SaaS solution

    Quickly deploy and operationalize for fast time-to-value.

  • Sensitive data discovery

    100+ pre-identified sensitive data fields for default Salesforce schemas.

  • Automated data masking

    Apply masking to transform sensitive values into realistic, yet fictitious values.

  • Extensive masking algorithm library

    Comprehensive algorithms plus flexibility to customize for your specific requirements.

  • Preserve realism, referential integrity

    Test with real, high-quality data for fast and accurate developer feedback.

  • Test multicloud applications

    Import/export masking rules to use consistent, compliant data for integration testing.

Your Salesforce data needs a mask

Discover how fast and easy it can be to secure your company's most important information

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