Compliance and Protection for Salesforce Data

Safeguard sensitive data in Salesforce sandboxes and protect against ransomware


Your Salesforce Data Needs a Mask

Ensure regulatory compliance in development sandboxes, eliminate manual profiling of PII, and safely provision data for integrated test environments.

Automatically discover sensitive data

Ensure speed and accuracy with a ready to deploy profiling bundle for default Salesforce objects.

Solve the speed, compliance tradeoff

Deliver synchronized, secure data environments that maintain referential integrity for cross-application testing

Designed for application development

Masking preserves data realism and maintains referential integrity for comprehensive and accurate testing.

Safely distribute data for integration testing

Secure, replicate, and sync Salesforce data with other databases in complex SIT or UAT environments.

Data Sheet

Salesforce Data Compliance and Protection

Accelerate, automate, and secure Salesforce data with Delphix

Protecting Data in Salesforce Sandboxes

See how Delphix automatically discovers and masks sensitive data in Salesforce sandboxes.
Solution Brief

Automated Compliance, Protection for Salesforce Data

Achieve compliance with privacy laws and protect Salesforce data from ransomware.

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