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CDP Appliance

Ransomware Recovery in a Box from Delphix and Dell.

Provide Superior Ransomware Protection for Enterprise Apps

The Delphix Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Appliance is a fully engineered solution with Delphix software running on hyper-converged Dell infrastructure. Delphix CDP Appliance enables automated recovery of multiple applications to a consistent data state, while continuously protecting from and detecting threats to enterprise data.

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    Continuous Data Protection
    Sync data in near real time into an immutable vault for RPOs within seconds prior to an incident.

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    Continuous Application Recovery
    Instant, simultaneous, integrated, and modular application recovery across multiple apps with RTO in minutes.

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    Continuous Testing, Detection
    Continuously track, test, validate and notify to protect against multiple attack vectors.

Fully Engineered Delphix + Dell Appliance

Protect enterprise apps while reducing administrative cost and complexity.

Key Capabilities

  • Continuous data protection
    Sync data in near real time for a near-zero recovery point objective.

  • Instant recovery
    Instantly recover applications to any point in time to meet fast RTOs.

  • Simultaneous recovery
    Recover from multiple points in time simultaneously to quickly identify last known good state.

  • Integrated recovery
    Recover multiple, integrated applications to a consistent data state across apps.

  • Modular recovery
    Selectively recover any app component (OS, DBMS, data files, app server) depending on which modules are infected.

  • Ransomware detection
    Detection for data block encryption, file encryption, and encryption key tampering.

  • DevOps tool integration
    Integrate with DevOps tools for fast, fully automated application recovery.

  • Complete recovery appliance
    Fully engineered solution includes data protection and optional application and database servers.

  • Immutable vault
    Write once, ready many immutable data architecture with the ability to lock retention and policies.

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