Trading App Transformation

Deliver trading app data in just minutes to transform trading and risk

Programmable Data Infrastructure for Trading App Data Operations

Delphix automates data operations including provisioning, versioning, integrating, and masking trading app data. Delphix unlocks the data needed for trading app teams to accelerate dev/test, analytics, and reporting while ensuring compliance with key regulations.

Deliver Trading App Data 100x Faster

Delphix programmable data infrastructure syncs with the databases underlying trading app to deliver virtual copies to trading app environments 100x faster while consuming 10x less storage. Delphix API controls automate a host of key data operations including data refresh, cleanup, versioning, and masking.

Data Sheet

Delphix for Murex

Murex represents the IT backbone of many capital markets firms, supporting the entire trading lifecycle across multiple asset classes. This makes projects to implement, customize, and upgrade Murex critical to keeping pace with evolving strategies, markets, and regulations. Execute Murex development projects 2x faster.

Accelerate Murex Projects by 2x

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Eliminate Data Bottlenecks to Reduce Murex App Dev Timelines by 40%

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