Delphix for Healthcare

Delphix moves and secures data for digital transformation

  • Use data to personalize client experiences.

  • Protect member/patient information.

  • Securely share data with healthcare partners.

  • Leverage data for healthcare analytics.

  • Access data for value-based care (VBC).

Barriers to Digital Transformation

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    Massive volumes of data

    Large volumes and sprawl of member/patient data create management and access challenges, slowing innovation.

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    Data privacy concerns

    Strict privacy laws such as HIPAA can impede digital technology and cloud adoption.

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    Processes slowing innovation

    Outdated processes slow down innovation, data governance initiatives, and adoption of new technologies.

How can Delphix help?

Delphix enables you to move, manage, and secure enterprise data on-premises, in a cloud, or both. Through API-driven virtualized data access, you can accelerate time-to-innovation while reducing risk and data storage costs.

Accelerate innovation

  • Deliver data in minutes to accelerate application development

  • Easily move data and applications to the cloud

  • Deploy and update healthcare and claims processing systems faster

  • Provision data environments for ML/AI, value-based care analysis, and healthcare analytics


Protect sensitive information

  • Automatically identify PII and PHI

  • Mask member/patient information

  • Share data with partners, including outsourced or overseas development teams, while maintaining security


Govern healthcare data

  • Provide and revoke access to role-based personal data environments 

  • Map and classify data across the enterprise

  • Enable audit and reporting of who has access to what data

  • Comply with data privacy mandates such as HIPAA and GDPR


Fast Delivery of Secure, Personalized Data Environments

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