Transform TriZetto Claims Processing with Fast, Compliant Data

Watch the webinar to learn how to remove data bottlenecks to accelerate TriZetto project timelines by 2x.

The healthcare industry is embracing digital transformation to continuously improve patient outcomes. TriZetto helps healthcare organizations evolve and respond to market challenges with a broad portfolio of IT solutions for patient care management, analytics, network management, and much more.

Implementing and maintaining the suite of applications can strain IT development and test team resources, creating an expensive and cumbersome environment for project execution.  Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Remove data bottlenecks to accelerate TriZetto project timelines by 2x

  • Secure sensitive information and maintain compliance in non-production environments

  • Lower costs by streamlining app dev and reducing test data storage footprints

Jeannine Crownower

Manager, Partner Presales & Channels, Delphix

Jeannine Crownover, MHA,  is an experienced Information Technology leader with years of diversified experience in the areas of Database Technology, Application Development, System Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Technology Project Management, Data for DevOps and Data Obfuscation. She has been a key asset in the Delphix Partner Enablement program for over 8 years as a Principal Solutions Engineer helping the partners get acquainted with Delphix technology and use cases.

Lenore Adam

Lenore Adam is a Director of Product Marketing at Delphix and has 20+ years of experience in product marketing and product management roles at HP, Cisco, and Silicon Valley startups. Having caught the technology bug early in her career, she was fortunate to be on the front lines during major industry shifts such as the explosive growth of x86 servers, the extraordinary transition to Agile development, and now the boundless promise of the cloud.