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Overcome Data Challenges to Transform Claims Processing

TriZetto forms the digital backbone for healthcare insurers. Making TriZetto data fast, light, and compliant combats key forces that stand in the way of streamlined claims processes and digital transformation.

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    High change rates

    New insurance products and emerging regulations drive demand for TriZetto data and environments.

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    Complex app landscape

    Slow deployment of dev environments populated with data from TriZetto + digital apps delays CX projects.

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    Demanding claims SLAs

    Lack of access to the right data at the right time prevents teams from hitting claims guarantees.

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    Data compliance risk

    TriZetto systems contain sensitive information subject to privacy laws including HIPAA.

Deploy TriZetto Implementations, Customizations, and Updates in Half the Time

Delphix combines fast data delivery with automated data compliance to accelerate projects for Facets or QNXT by 2x, drastically reducing the time to provision compliant, data-ready environments for TriZetto development.

  • Launch faster

    Release new features and apps to improve claims processing, member management, and billing.

  • Modernize

    Accelerate migration of legacy insurance applications to TriZetto QNXT and Facets.

  • Reduce risk

    Mask sensitive data to ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

  • Streamline migration

    Decrease cloud migration times of TriZetto apps by 20%.

  • Partner securely

    Improve partner engagements by addressing compliance restrictions to sharing data.

  • Operate efficiently

    Improve productivity and lower IT infrastructure costs.

“Now, we are able to test in environments with realistic datasets, improving the quality of our TriZetto applications and providing a better experience for our members."

John Tippetts
Director, App Dev & IT Infrastructure, Select Health

Programmable Data Infrastructure for Claims Transformation

The Delphix API-first data platform unlocks the data needed by TriZetto teams to accelerate DevOps workflows, cloud adoption, and application modernization while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations including HIPAA.

Cut time to TriZetto data down from weeks to minutes

The Delphix Data Platform eliminates slow, manual processes for data delivery. Delphix provisions space-efficient virtual data to TriZetto environments for development, testing, and analysis in just minutes.


Deliver integrated test environments

Delphix synchronizes data across TriZetto core applications and digital apps for faster, simpler integration testing.


Mitigate data privacy and security risks

Delphix profiles TriZetto data environments for PII and PHI, then provides irreversible data masking or reversible tokenization with referential integrity. Using a flexible no-code or low-code approach, teams can operationalize a Delphix compliance solution in days, not months or years.


Reduce TriZetto downtime by 65%

Delphix provides continuous data protection for TriZetto, enabling SRE teams to immediately recreate the state of TriZetto apps for forensics, repair, and fast recovery.


Deliver TriZetto Data 100x Faster

The Delphix Data Platform syncs with the databases underlying TriZetto to deliver virtual copies to TriZetto environments 100x faster while consuming 10x less storage. Delphix APIs enable development, SRE, and analytics/AI teams to automate a host of key data operations including data refresh, cleanup, versioning, and masking.

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Molina Healthcare Slashes Application Development Timelines in Half

Molina Healthcare cuts development timelines in half for claims apps, while enabling HIPAA compliance and saving petabytes of storage.

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