Transform TriZetto

Automate data for 2x faster TriZetto projects

“Now, we are able to test in environments with realistic datasets, improving the quality of our TriZetto applications and providing a better experience for our members."

John Tippetts
Director, App Dev & IT Infrastructure, Select Health

Programmable Data Infrastructure for Claims Transformation

The Delphix API-first data platform unlocks the data needed by TriZetto teams to accelerate DevOps workflows, cloud adoption, and application modernization while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations including HIPAA.

Deliver TriZetto Data 100x Faster

The Delphix Data Platform syncs with the databases underlying TriZetto to deliver virtual copies to TriZetto environments 100x faster while consuming 10x less storage. Delphix APIs enable development, SRE, and analytics/AI teams to automate a host of key data operations including data refresh, cleanup, versioning, and masking.


Transform TriZetto Claims Processing with Fast, Compliant Data

Watch the webinar to learn how to remove data bottlenecks to accelerate TriZetto project timelines by 2x.

Data Sheet

Delphix for Cognizant/TriZetto: Remove Data as the Constraint

Change the way claims, policy, and billings data is managed and consumed with Delphix.

5 Ways to Overcome TriZetto Data Bottlenecks

Read the eBook to discover 5 ways to overcome data barriers and gain access to compliant data for enabling modern CI/CD workflows.

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