Insurance with Delphix

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The Problem:

Insurance companies face the monumental task of processing growing volumes of sensitive claims data while improving customer engagement and internal decision-making. However, costly core platforms and legacy applications constrain critical IT and app projects.

The Solution:

Delphix delivers high-quality, masked data so that insurance companies can improve claims processing, reduce the time-to-market for applications, and quickly respond to changing regulations.

Delphix for Insurance

Delphix runs as a virtual machine on any server or in a private or public cloud, virtualizing data in databases, application files, and file systems and making it readily accessible to end-users. It also can profile, mask, and audit sensitive data in a simple and efficient manner to maintain compliance and protect against data breach.

How data virtualization works

Develop and release applications more quickly

The insurance industry is focusing on apps that leverage social media and mobile devices to boost engagement and create intimacy with customers, while delivering benefits cost-effectively online. IT organizations need faster access to production data in order to keep up with the demands of developers and testers.

Delphix enables IT teams to accelerate application development project schedules with self-service features for end-users, such as the ability to refresh, reset, bookmark, and branch high-fidelity virtual data. These features reduce time-to-market for key customer-facing projects by 50% with on-demand, automatic provisioning of databases.

Fast Application Releases
Sometimes seeing is believing
Especially when we deliver 1000% faster data access

Improve security and regulatory compliance

Meeting HIPAA and PCI regulations for protecting patient and consumer data requires complex and costly IT programs. Regulations demand stringent data security and change management protocols, and insurance companies must maintain compliance levels as they add data, modify workflows, and process payments.

Delphix integrates automatic data masking to protect patient data and track data lineage so that confidential information is never exposed to end-users. It also centralizes control for all lifecycle environments, enabling efficient and consistent application of security policies.

"Delphix has enabled us to reduce database copy storage volumes, provide automation, and reduce product development time-to-market."
- Ken Timque - IT Manager at New York Life Insurance Company*

Access accurate data for better decision-making

Insurance providers are moving from actuarial to predictive analytics (e.g., telematics) and sharing more information across insurance and investment lines of business — all of which requires faster, more reliable access to critical data.

Delphix expedites data onboarding by automatically delivering virtual data sets to analysts. This flexible access helps eliminate batch job failures or delays in setting up environments, improving claims processing efficiency and time to revenue recognition.

Secure Data and Compliance

Easily retire and archive legacy applications

Running and managing legacy applications is a costly effort that impacts the rollout of new claims systems and other critical projects. And even when these older applications are retired or modernized, companies must preserve legacy states in order to remain in compliance.

Delphix accelerates migrations to new systems and platforms, reducing core costs by parallelizing and automating testing. Legacy systems can be efficiently archived in the Delphix Engine, significantly lowering the costs of compliance.

Store and manage data more efficiently

The volume of patient and provider data that insurance companies must store and manage can run into the petabytes. And the complexity and cost of managing that data is multiplying exponentially as data continues to grow and sprawl across systems and silos.

Delphix eliminates redundant data across the application lifecycle and automates data delivery, enabling IT organizations to consolidate their storage footprint and make data available to the right team at the right time.

*Source: TechValidate survey of Delphix customers