Delphix for Insurance

Transform the digital insurance experience and reduce risk with faster access to compliant data.

  • Update core insurance software faster and more often 
  • Accelerate adjudication and claims processing to transform the policyholder experience
  • Deliver data for risk analysis and reporting faster
  • Expand mobile offerings through insurtech ecosystem 
  • Reduce data compliance risk

Barriers to Maximizing Revenue

Slow Data Delivery

Impedes frequency of updating core insurance systems and adding new features

Outdated Legacy Applications

Siloed, legacy systems reduce competitiveness as claims processing speeds suffer compared to agile SaaS and cloud solutions

Data Privacy Concerns

Delayed modernization and increased risk when manually removing personal information in dev/test, reporting, and analysis data

How can Delphix help?

Delphix enables you to move and manage enterprise data on-premise, in a cloud, or hybrid. Through secure, self-serve, virtualized data access, you can accelerate the adoption of innovative insurance technologies

Accelerate Claims Processing Time

Accelerate Claims Processing Time

  • Quickly migrate claims processing to modern cloud-based and SaaS solutions for a better policyholder, agent, and broker experience
  • Move current pricing and market data into systems faster for accelerating adjudication and claims processing
  • Reduce adjudication time by providing analyst teams with fast self-service data access 

Expand Revenue Generating Offerings

Expand Revenue Generating Offerings

  • Rapidly merge, cleanse, and validate data from mergers and acquisitions
  • Easily share data with insurtech partners to add new services, such as risk quantification and accident visualization
  • Quickly test end-to-end partner integrations using secure data environments 



Fortify Policy-Driven Data Privacy And Compliance

Fortify Policy-Driven Data Privacy And Compliance

  • Identify sensitive information across data sources on-premises and cloud environments
  • Mask policyholder information in non-production to address regulatory compliance requirements 
  • Govern the flow and distribution of data from a single point of control

Fast Delivery of Secure, Personalized Data Environments

Find out how insurance companies benefit from Delphix

Delphix can help you accelerate insurance innovation and transform the policyholder experience by leveraging your own enterprise data with a secure, self-service data platform.

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Solution Brief

Delphix for Insurance

Learn how insurers offering property and casualty coverage or life insurance and annuities know that they must deliver faster claims processing and a personalized policyholder experience in order to compete.

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