Delphix for Insurance

Transform the digital insurance experience and reduce risk with faster access to compliant data

  • Update core insurance software faster and more often.

  • Accelerate adjudication and claims processing to transform the policyholder experience.

  • Deliver data for risk analysis and reporting.

  • Expand mobile offerings through insurtech ecosystem.

  • Reduce data compliance risk.

Barriers to Maximizing Revenue

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    Slow Data Delivery

    Impedes frequency of updating core insurance systems and adding new features.

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    Outdated Legacy Applications

    Siloed, legacy systems reduce competitiveness as claims processing speeds suffer compared to agile SaaS and cloud solutions.

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    Data Privacy Concerns

    Delayed modernization and increased risk when manually removing personal information in dev/test, reporting, and analysis data.

How Can Delphix Help?

Delphix enables you to move, manage, and secure enterprise data on premises or in the cloud. Through API-driven access to virtual data, you can accelerate the adoption of innovative insurance technologies.

Accelerate Claims Processing Time

  • Quickly migrate claims processing to modern cloud-based and SaaS solutions for a better policyholder, agent, and broker experience.

  • Move current pricing and market data into systems faster for accelerating adjudication and claims processing.

  • Reduce adjudication time by providing analyst teams with fast API data access.


Expand Revenue Generating Offerings

  • Launch new insurance products in less time.

  • Rapidly merge, cleanse, and validate data from mergers and acquisitions.

  • Easily share data with insurtech partners to add new services, such as risk quantification and accident visualization.


Fortify Policy-Driven Data Privacy And Compliance

  • Identify sensitive information across data sources on premises and in cloud environments.

  • Mask policyholder information in non-production to address regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Govern the flow and distribution of data from a single point of control.


Fast Delivery of Compliant, Data-Ready Environments

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