Test Data Management

Streamline test data management and deliver high-quality applications faster.

The Problem:

Traditional test data management tools help manufacture datasets for testing, but they often fail to distribute datasets in a timely manner to testers waiting downstream. This compromises teams' ability to deliver quality applications within a targeted schedule.

The Solution:

The Delphix test data management system delivers secure copies of datasets in minutes, enabling IT teams to test earlier and more often – so they can release higher quality applications faster.

Delphix for Test Data Management

Running as a virtual machine on any server or cloud, Delphix virtualizes data in databases, file systems, and applications and delivers up-to-date virtual copies for data testing on demand. Delphix also automatically integrates masking to protect your data and requires a fraction of the storage space of full, physical copies.

Test Data Management Diagram

Deliver test data in minutes

Data delivery in legacy test data management systems often drags on for weeks or months, making QA teams wait more than they work, when they could complete testing cycles in minutes or hours.

Delphix provides developers and QA engineers with virtual test datasets on demand – from small subsets to complete copies of multi-terabyte sources.

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Test Data Management System Chart
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Improve Data Testing

Improve testing by using the right datasets

To get the most out of QA cycles, test cases must always be matched with the right data. Testers sometimes use data subsets to save on storage and compute resources for quick unit tests, or generate synthetic data to probe edge or corner cases.

Delphix works with all types of test data, accelerating the delivery of subsets or synthetic data when you need it, while just as easily provisioning complete copies of real data.

Automatically secure test data

Legacy data masking solutions require multiple lengthy batch jobs to secure production data, and they lack sufficient delivery capabilities for downstream environments.

Delphix seamlessly integrates data masking with virtual data – whether on premise or in the cloud – to deliver secure data up to 100 times faster, while ensuring compliance and providing protection against data breach.

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Secure Test Data with Delphix Tools
Streamline Test Data Management

Shorten test/fix cycles

Traditional data delivery creates lag time between various rounds of testing, fixing bugs, and re-testing. It also complicates collaboration or replication of errors.

With Delphix, testers can instantly refresh data to reflect the latest state of a production application. They can also browse and retrieve datasets from a library of test data or bookmark an environment containing an error to more easily share it with a developer. This level of data control allows organizations to marry test data management with DevOps or other emerging technologies and to collaborate more efficiently throughout the development cycle.