Delphix for DevOps

Programmable Data Infrastructure for CI/CD.


Conquer the Last Automation Frontier—Data

DevOps and cloud have given rise to automation for code, compute, and storage. But what about data? Delphix provides an API-first platform for automating data delivery and versioning for agile, DevOps, and CI/CD pipelines.

Automate Data to Deliver Smaller, Faster Releases

  • Speed

    Accelerate releases and scale to millions of CI pipeline runs.

  • Quality

    Shift testing to the left using real data that fully represents production.

  • Compliance

    Mask sensitive data to comply with GDPR, CCPA and more.

Manage Data with the Same Speed and Agility as Code

Delphix provides programmable data infrastructure. Our platform delivers data into development environments at the same pace and level of automation as DevOps teams deploy code—eliminating CI/CD bottlenecks.

Key capabilities

Enable Continuous Data for Continuous Integration

Without the right data, development environments are useless. Delphix APIs fulfill a comprehensive range of requirements, including data refresh, cleanup, integration, version control, and most importantly, data masking and compliance.

Immutable time machine

Sync data from any app, store, then provision data to test environments from any time, down to the second or transaction boundary.

Data virtualization

Instead of creating redundant copies for development, testing, QA, and staging, Delphix shares underlying data blocks across fully read/write, independent environments.

Data privacy, compliance, and security

Automatically find and mask sensitive data values for GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA compliance and more.

Data as code

Use APIs to refresh to the latest state, clean up after testing, branch and share data across teams.

Open and Extensible

Delphix provides a comprehensive set of APIs, CLIs, and UIs to manage all data operations in any environment. The Delphix Data Platform integrates with popular DevOps tools for CI, CM, APM and more.

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