Your Data Needs a Mask

Data masking, compliance, and security.

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Data Can be a Liability

Enterprise data is a strategic asset but also a liability. Regional privacy policies including GDPR and CCPA are ever evolving. Industry regulations including PCI, HIPAA, and SOX are increasingly stringent. Ransomware threatens access to mission-critical business information.

Compliance, Cybersecurity Incidents Are Costlier Than Ever

  • Financial

    Average cost of exposure of personal information $3.92M.

  • Legal

    Individuals can sue both the company and executives.

  • Reputation

    Loss of customer trust takes years to recover, if ever.

Demand Drives Risk

Enterprise data demands continue to increase, magnifying compliance and security risks. Today, companies need data for a range of digital transformation programs—data for CI/CD test environments, cloud migration trials, and AI/ML model training.

Trading off risk and demand is a Catch-22.

Non-Production Data Environments Pose the Highest Risk

Loading these environments with fictitious data to eliminate risk is not the answer. Without the right data, these environments are useless.

  • Development and Testing:

    Data is fuel for AppDev but also contains sensitive information that should not be exposed in environments for development, QA, and integration.

  • Cloud Data Environments:

    In the cloud, sensitive data can be a single mistake away from public or dark Internet access. Cloud trials and tests should not involve sensitive production data.

  • AI/ML and Analytics:

    Every industry is in an arms race to incorporate AI into product strategies and operations. But personally identifiable information (PII) fed into data warehouses, lakes, and models multiplies sensitive data exposure.

Delphix Combines Compliance with Speed

Delphix provides an API-first data platform enabling teams to find and mask sensitive data for compliance with privacy regulations. And by integrating data masking with data delivery, the Delphix Data Platform delivers compliant data in minutes for development, testing, cloud migration, and AI/ML.

Easily identify sensitive data

Delphix quickly identifies sensitive information, such as names, email addresses, and credit card numbers across a range of data sources including relational databases and files. Delphix provides over 50 out-of-the box profile templates covering 30 types of sensitive data, as well as the ability to define custom profiling expressions.


Automatically mask or tokenize data

Delphix masking takes an automated approach to protecting non-production environments by replacing sensitive values with fictitious, yet realistic equivalents while preserving referential integrity within and across sources. Sensitive data can also be tokenized and reversed.


Faster time to compliance

Delphix provides a low-code or no-code approach to masking that obviates the need for specializing programming expertise. Pre-defined profiling templates coupled with out-of-the-box masking algorithm frameworks enables teams to operationalize masking in days instead of months or years.


Data compliance combined with data delivery

Delphix is the only solution that combines data masking and data delivery. With Delphix, teams deliver compliant data in minutes, not days or weeks. In addition, Delphix APIs bring automation to key data operations for refreshing, versioning, branching, and sharing compliant data at will.


Recover from ransomware attacks with continuous data protection

Sync data from source applications and databases in near real-time. In the event of a ransomware attack, recover data from any time—down to the second or transaction boundary.


Increase compliance from 0 to 100%

Delphix provides a comprehensive approach to compliance that works across a broad range of regional and industry privacy regulations.

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