Your Data Needs a Mask

Data masking, compliance, and security

Compliance, Cybersecurity Incidents Are Costlier Than Ever


Average cost of exposure of personal information $3.92M


Individuals can sue both the company and executives


Loss of customer trust takes years to recover, if ever

Non-Production Data Environments Pose the Highest Risk

Loading these environments with fictitious data to eliminate risk is not the answer. Without the right data, these environments are useless.

Development and Testing:

Data is fuel for AppDev but also contains sensitive information that should not be exposed in environments for development, QA, and integration.

Cloud Data Environments:

In the cloud, sensitive data can be a single mistake away from public or dark Internet access. Cloud trials and tests should not involve sensitive production data. 

AI/ML and Analytics:

Every industry is in an arms race to incorporate AI into product strategies and operations. But personally identifiable information (PII) fed into data warehouses, lakes, and models multiplies sensitive data exposure.

Delphix Combines Compliance with Speed

Delphix provides an API-first data platform enabling teams to find and mask sensitive data for compliance with privacy regulations. And by integrating data masking with data delivery, the Delphix Data Platform delivers compliant data in minutes for development, testing, cloud migration, and AI/ML.


Protecting Personal Information is the Key to Reducing Compliance Risk

Discover how to protect personal information to avoid costly fines and reputation damage.

Delphix Demo Video: How to Mask Data

Watch how Delphix finds sensitive data across enterprise systems, then transform the data into fictitious, yet realistic data.

Protecting Sensitive Data in AWS

In this demo, we showcase the ability to define and execute masking policies for cloud-based data environments.

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