Anonymize Personal Information to Comply with Brazil’s LGPD

Non-production environments can represent the single largest source of LGPD risk

Decrease the LGPD Risk Surface by 90%

Fines and Penalties for LGPD Non-Compliance

LGPD imposes fines, penalties of 2% of a company’s revenue, for the prior fiscal year up to a total of 50 million reals and holds businesses responsible for implementing security procedures to protect personal information from unauthorized disclosure.



How Masking Anonymizes Personal Information and Eliminates Data Privacy Risk

Watch this webinar and discover what data is considered personal information and how to protect it to avoid costly fines and reputation damage.

Here’s How to Succeed with Securing Enterprise Data for Hundreds of Applications in Non-Production

Discover how your enterprise teams can succeed with data security and achieve high-scale transformation in non-prod environments, ultimately boosting your efforts with test data management.
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Delphix Data Masking with Continuous Compliance

Protect sensitive data across the enterprise with the Delphix DevOps Data Platform.

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