Here’s How to Succeed with Securing Enterprise Data for Hundreds of Applications in Non-Production

Discover how your enterprise teams can succeed with data security and achieve high-scale transformation in non-prod environments, ultimately boosting your efforts with test data management.

The Future of Test Data Management

There has been an explosion of new data sources in the last decade. We have seen a big shift from commercial OLTP databases to open source data sources with commercial support. Then the public cloud providers have changed how these data sources are used and managed. The latest real-time, event-based data sources, such as Kafka/Confluent, continue to push the envelope about our expectations on how we process data, what we call a database, and how much data we can process in real-time.

Non-production databases tend to be in the forefront of this movement since the new development and testing takes place there. We expect the enterprise data sources which contain the most sensitive data such as PII, PHI, and PCI to still be in an OLTP and mainframe environments on a commercial and open source licensing models – whether on-prem or on the cloud. These are still the environments which source the data for large BI/OLAP environments. However, the expansion of real-time data, and the focus on APIs has really taken root. Having said that, we expect the TDM market to shift from the database to network and manage security of that data on API end-points as well as Kafka topics.