Provide Superior Cyber Security and Ransomware Protection

Close a critical gap in ransomware protection.


Ransomware Attacks Are on the Rise

Increasingly sophisticated ransomware attack methods are used to extort victims more frequently and with greater demands.

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    Increasing ransom amounts

    Demands from attackers in exchange for data decryption rise above $40M in some cases

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    Data exfiltration risk

    Attackers increasingly exfiltrate sensitive data and threaten publication on the dark web

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    Critical apps targeted

    Ransomware targets critical apps and databases where downtime is costly and willingness to pay is high

Delphix for Ransomware Solution

Provide Continuous Data Protection

Can you afford to lose days of transactions? With the ability to continuously capture change data from sources down to the second or transaction, Delphix preserves a more granular data history than backup solutions, providing superior RPO. It also enables an automated approach to testing data block consistency and integrity, safeguarding against attacks that might go undetected using closed-box backup approaches.

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    Immutable time machine

    Delphix is built on a write-once data architecture, never overwriting good data blocks to leave a good data record unchanged and accessible.

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    Open-box data testing and validation

    API-driven data provisioning for automated testing of block-level integrity. Data observability to find and recover from data changes and errors.

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    Air gap data isolation

    Flexible replication, secure network implementation, and advanced identity controls to prevent data loss and tampering.

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    Maximum coverage

    Protect any app or database with a long, cost-efficient data retention window along with instant provisioning for fast recovery.

Fast Data Recovery: 100X RTO/RPO Advantage Over Backups

With Delphix, teams recover data from a point just prior to an attack, in just minutes. In contrast, you can lose data from an entire day trying to recover from yesterday’s backup, and recovery time from full and incremental backups can take another day—a two day recovery window.

Solution Brief

Continuous Protection Against Cyber and Ransomware Attacks

Delphix provides continuous data protection, with the ability to recover data from any point in time for enterprise application and database resiliency.

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