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Delphix Continuous Ransomware Protection

Leverage DevOps to address ransomware challenges using Delphix Continuous Data Protection, Continuous Recovery, Continuous Detection, & Continuous Compliance.

Ransomware has become a national security concern and major threat to businesses, with multiple cases of 10-day downtimes for mission critical applications. Cyber attackers are exploiting legacy security models of backup solutions and ingress often goes undetected for over 100 days to outlast data retention policies. In addition, traditional restores can take days and may need to be repeated multiple times, especially when victims are unable to determine the last clean state.

Ransomware attacks also include new variants beyond encryption, including locker ware (locking out victims from access) and extortionware or doxware, where data is exfiltrated and the threat of exposure is used to secure ransom payment.

As cyber attackers continue to evolve, it’s imperative that enterprises advance their ransomware preparedness. Delphix applies the power of DevOps to address the ransomware challenge. In a ransomware attack, companies need to rebuild applications and data quickly to a clean state in time.

The Delphix continuous ransomware protection solution is built on four pillars:

  • Continuous data protection: Immutably protect and recover data to any time down to the second or transaction boundary

  • Continuous recovery: APIs and automation to instantly recover applications to any time

  • Continuous detection: Automatically test data for block, file, or database encryption

  • Continuous compliance: Automatically mask data to prevent extortionware

With the power and speed of DevOps, enterprises can build a resilient data backbone for enterprise applications that can quickly detect and recover from ransomware attacks.