Minimize Cloud Data Compliance Risk

Discover and mask sensitive data in the cloud for compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more.


Does your cloud data wear a mask?

In the cloud, data is a single mistake away from public or dark internet access. And since privacy laws are becoming more, not less, stringent, it’s never been more critical to safeguard sensitive information.

Delphix automates data compliance in the cloud

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    Cloud validation

    Use masked data environments to power cloud trials and tests.

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    Deliver compliant data into cloud-based pipelines via APIs.

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    Mask then migrate data to support application lift/shift and hybrid cloud.

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    Find and mask data in AWS RDS, Azure SQL, and other managed DBs.

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    Eliminate personally identifiable information (PII) in data fed into AI models.

Unite Speed and Compliance in a Single Solution

Delphix provides an API-first data platform for the multicloud with integrated data compliance. The Delphix Data Platform includes data profiling to identify sensitive data and algorithm frameworks to automatically mask or tokenize data.

Provide an enterprise-wide view of sensitive data risk

Centrally profile metadata and data values to identify compliance risk across cloud data environments.


Automatically mask cloud environments

Once Delphix identifies sensitive data it can be tokenized and reversed, or irreversibly masked. Masking replaces sensitive data values with fictitious ones while maintaining referential integrity.


Deliver masked data in minutes

By combining data delivery and data masking, Delphix automatically delivers masked data to cloud environments.


Automate data in cloud-based pipelines

Use APIs to provision, version, and tear down compliant, data-ready environments across CI/CD and AI/ML pipelines in the cloud.


Data Compliance in any Cloud

Delphix partners with leading cloud providers to bring speed and compliance across hybrid-cloud, multicloud, IaaS, and PaaS-based applications.

Hear From Our Customers

Delphix is the driving force behind the hybrid cloud migration coupled with the necessary data masking technology to safeguard critical data, enabling Cal State University to bring AI-driven digital experiences to half a million students.

“Every campus now has data on-demand for their own needs with self-service capabilities.”

RUDY GONZALEZ, Managing Director, Unisys

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