Your Data Strategy Should Be As Agile As Your Cloud Strategy

Build a multi-cloud data fabric with Delphix

Accelerate GCP adoption with fast, secure data delivery

Data agility and portability at scale

Delphix is data source and cloud-agnostic, ensuring datasets are portable in any cloud configuration. Whether delivering test data to multiple clouds or to different regions of GCP, your data distribution model remains as flexible as your infrastructure model.

Visibility in an expanded cloud architecture

Centrally manage and govern distribution of non-production data across clouds. Data is readily accessible to geographically dispersed dev and test teams without manual intervention or time-consuming ticketing processes.

Streamline the transition to SAP HANA on GCP

Cloud migration plans often incorporate modernizing legacy applications. Delphix collects data without disruption from legacy on-prem SAP installations, masks sensitive data, and seamlessly provisions to non-production environments in GCP for integration testing and cutover rehearsals.

Delphix and GCP

Stop waiting for data

Fast, secure data provisioning is central to workload migration which requires iterative dev/test to ensure a seamless transition. Delphix delivers terabytes of data in minutes, removing the data delivery bottleneck from your software delivery lifecycle. 

Shift-left to find data-related defects sooner

Dev and test teams have immediate access to production-quality datasets to uncover issues earlier in the delivery pipeline. Rapid provisioning and refresh of the latest production instance maximizes release velocity application quality.

Protect data in GCP

Distributing  data from heterogeneous sources across a multi-cloud IT footprint increases the risk profile for a data breach. Delphix automatically pinpoints and masks sensitive information that might be subject to privacy laws or your own internal security standards, and allows you to centrally govern access.

Manage data independently

Delphix empowers DevOps teams with self-service access and control to bookmark, branch, rewind and share independent, read/write virtual copies of production data for debugging, application development, and GCP migration projects.Virtual data environments can be quickly restored to the original or bookmarked state without DBA involvement to enable iterative destructive testing. 

Continuously identify compliance risk

Provisioning of heterogeneous data sources to test environments across a multi-cloud fabric increases the risk profile for a data breach. Stay compliant with mandates such as HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR using built-in or custom masking algorithms from Delphix.

Optimize Storage Costs

Intelligent data block sharing and advanced compression algorithms create space-efficient read/write virtual copies of the production database that require a storage footprint 10x to 100x and lower than the size physical copies so you can deploy your GCP budget more efficiently. 


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