Accelerate Cloud Modernization and Boost App Dev for GCP

Our brand new partnership with Google enables enterprise customers to deploy Delphix on Google Cloud Platform to ensure complete data control over all cloud environments.

Dan Graves

Nov 20, 2019

Delphix is broadening its cloud footprint through a new partnership with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to offer a dynamic, scalable, and secure data solution to accelerate development and testing in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This new collaboration will enable customers to deploy Delphix on GCP, in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, to deliver end-to-end data control over all cloud environments.

For enterprise teams who are looking to or already leveraging GCP as a general-purpose platform, or for specific workloads like SAP HANA, Delphix provides a data platform that automates data at cloud speed. The combination of Delphix and GCP provides the following key benefits:

1. Data agility and portability at massive scale

When delivering test data to multiple clouds or to different regions of GCP, teams can keep their data distribution model as flexible as their infrastructure with Delphix. The Delphix platform creates virtual data copies that remain in sync with production—no matter where it’s deployed.

2. Streamlined transition to SAP HANA on GCP

Cloud migration plans often entail modernizing legacy applications. Delphix collects data without disruption from on-prem SAP installations, masks sensitive data, and then seamlessly provisions it to non-production environments in GCP for integration testing and cutover rehearsals. The Delphix platform accelerates secure SAP modernization by getting SAP data to development and testing teams up to 50 percent faster with increased simplicity and security.

3. Rapid data access in expanded cloud architecture

With the Delphix platform, data is readily accessible to dev/test teams without manual, time-consuming ticketing processes. Enterprises can centrally manage and govern the distribution of non-production data across clouds.

4. Data governance for regulatory compliance and data privacy

Enterprise teams can govern data distribution for regulatory requirements to maintain compliance in non-production environments using Delphix. The platform automatically identifies and replaces sensitive data to ensure only secure data is sent to test environments in GCP.

5. Modernization of application development in the cloud

While most companies start with a lift and shift to migrate their apps to the cloud, ongoing innovation in the app is an ongoing, iterative process. The Delphix platform’s ability to deliver data to test environments in minutes simplifies cloud migration projects and removes bottlenecks from DevOps workflows, enabling enterprise teams to continuously iterate on application functionality and leverage new cloud services for ongoing improvements.

Google supports a best-of-breed hybrid- and multi-cloud strategy for enterprises to match the optimal cloud service with specific business or technical needs, and Delphix’s data source and cloud agnostic platform ensures data is always portable, accessible, and secure. It combines data virtualization and masking technologies to empower enterprise teams to improve software quality and development times and safeguard sensitive data to meet compliance, privacy, and regulation requirements across an entire data estate on GCP.