Accelerate AWS Adoption with Secure Data Flow

Deliver terabytes of secure test data in minutes
Manage, secure, and rapidly provision data to increase dev/test velocity and de-risk workload migrations

Unblock Your Journey to AWS with the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform

Accelerate migrations with rapid test data delivery

Complex migrations to AWS require significant development, testing, and rehearsals to ensure a seamless cutover. Delphix automatically syncs with on-prem production databases, provisioning terabytes of secure test data in minutes for app dev and migration projects.

Increase release velocity with self-service control

Whether delivering test data to multiple clouds or to different regions in the same cloud, Delphix provisions at a pace that matches an increased release cadence. Independent control to bookmark, refresh, and rewind provides autonomy to fast-moving DevOps teams.

Continuously identify and remove compliance risk

Delphix Masking automatically finds and replaces sensitive data to ensure only secure data is sent to test environments in AWS. Centrally govern data distribution and regulatory requirements to maintain compliance in non-production environments.

Delphix and AWS

Eliminate The Data Bottleneck

Digital transformation requires data transformation, and legacy data distribution processes are one of the biggest bottlenecks to a fully-realized cloud journey.  Delphix delivers secure data 100x faster than traditional manual processes.

Govern and Secure Data

Discover and replace sensitive data with fictitious but realistic equivalents that maintain referential integrity.  Manage cloud data sprawl and stay compliant with mandates such as HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR using built-in or custom algorithms.

AWS Devops Competency

Delphix is honored to be an AWS DevOps Competency solution.  Delphix helps DevOps teams reduce time to market and improve application quality through proven customer successes and interoperability.

Leverage AWS Database Services

AWS cloud-native databases offer high performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.  With Delphix Dynamic Data Platform, AWS RDS and Aurora can be part of your diverse range of data sources in each test environment.

Advanced Data Control

Increase velocity of the CD pipeline with self-service access and control of test data.  Bookmark, rewind, refresh, and share datasets at any point in time for repetitive and destructive testing, debugging, or workload migration projects.

Optimize AWS Storage Costs

Delphix virtualization optimizes storage costs for test data through advanced compression and block filtering.  That means you can deploy your AWS budget more efficiently than on-prem physical storage.

Create a Multi-Cloud Data Fabric

Efficiently distribute secured data from on-prem production instances to test environments across public clouds. Delphix automatically captures data source changes and ensures cloud data instances are rapidly refreshed.

SAP Migration

Streamline your journey to AWS with the Delphix SAP FAST+ program. Collect data non-disruptively from SAP applications, protect sensitive data, and quickly provision virtual SAP environments for integration testing and cutover rehearsals to go live with confidence.

Case Study

Delta Dental Increases Data Agility and Security for the Cloud

Dentegra implemented a hybrid cloud architecture using AWS and the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform that empowers teams to stand up complete dev/test environments in a matter of minutes. In concert with AWS, Delphix brings dramatically greater scalability and speed to development.

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Solution Brief

Delphix DataOps Platform for Cloud Migration

Read this solution brief to understand common data challenges for migration projects and how Delphix helps streamline DevOps workflows and secure sensitive data.
Customer Booklet

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

Find out how Delphix transforms data management for cloud projects and helped these six companies accelerate and simplify cloud migration while protecting sensitive and personal information to run more efficiently in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
Data Sheet

Delphix Data Masking for AWS Aurora and RDS

AWS Aurora and RDS relational database services provide high performance, scalable capacity while automating database administration tasks such as hardware provisioning setup, snapshots, and restoration. Delphix integrates with AWS to mask sensitive data residing in an Aurora or RDS database instance, eliminating manual processes for securing test data.

Delphix is in the Amazon Marketplace



Deploy Delphix Virtualization or Masking capabilities on demand from the Amazon Marketplace.  Support for diverse data sources, including AWS Aurora, AWS RDS, Oracle, SQL Server, ASE, SAP, Oracle EBS, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, HANA, and more.

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