Amazon Web Services + AWS Data & Cloud Migration Platform

With the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform, you can move and manage AWS data with greater speed and security. Migrate faster, enable hybrid architectures, and unlock more value from the cloud.

Amplify the benefits of AWS with the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform

Migrate with more speed

Delphix secures and packages data into lightweight data pods before efficiently moving them to AWS. Teams can then quickly provision data to cloud environments for migration testing and validation.

Simplify hybrid development

Delphix compresses on-prem data, masks it, then continuously replicates it to AWS, enabling teams to provision cloud environments with secure, fresh data.

Operate more efficiently

Accelerate data provisioning with Delphix running in EC2 or with Amazon RDS. Leverage space-efficient virtual data copies to lower costs for Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS).

Delphix and AWS

Connect to On-Prem Data Sources

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform syncs with on-prem data sources and builds a continuous record of data changes over time. Delphix does this using protocols native to the source so as to not impact ongoing operations.

Mask sensitive data with ease

Delphix applies masking to data on premise, transforming sensitive values into fictitious, yet realistic equivalents. This ensures that no confidential information moves from the production zone into AWS.

Replicate data to AWS

Delphix efficiently replicates secure data to AWS. As source data changes, Delphix replicates changed data blocks instead of full data uploads to reduce the time and cost of transmission to AWS, while ensuring the availability of fresh data.

Create virtual data copies

Once data has been moved to AWS, teams can provision virtual copies to target environments in a fraction of the time using a fraction of the storage. Data consumers have the ability to access and control those copies as a self service.

Bring data agility to AWS RDS

The Delphix platform masks data in RDS, and via a pre-built integration with AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) can effortlessly deliver lightweight, virtual data copies of RDS sources.

Drive Security and Compliance

The Delphix platform provides a complete solution to discover and mask confidential information. Masking replaces sensitive data values with fictitious, yet realistic equivalents, reducing the risk of a potential breach and driving compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, or GDPR

Enable Hybrid Development and Testing

Delphix can ingest data on premises, automatically secure it with masking, then replicate only incremental changes to AWS. Users accessing these cloud-based environments are provided with dynamic data controls that allow them to refresh, rewind, bookmark, branch, and share data as a self service.

Reduce AWS Operating Costs

For environments migrated into AWS and for “born in the cloud” applications, Delphix reduces the cost of AWS compute, storage, and IOPS. Through advanced compression, block filtering, and virtualization, businesses can store 20 virtual environments in the Amazon Elastic Block Store footprint of one physical environment.

Case Study

Dentegra Increases Data Agility and Security for the Cloud

Dentegra implemented a hybrid cloud architecture using AWS and the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform that empowers teams to stand up complete dev/test environments in a matter of minutes. In concert with AWS, Delphix brings dramatically greater scalability and speed to development.

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Demo: Moving Data between Clouds with the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform

In this video, you will see me replicate data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) into Microsoft Azure, and also from Azure to AWS.

Delphix + AWS = Safer, Faster Movement to the Cloud

Delphix recently partnered with AWS to help people and teams speed up and secure migrations to the industry leading Amazon Web Services cloud platform.
Data Sheet

Delphix for Amazon Web Services

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform transforms how data is managed for cloud projects, accelerating AWS migration, enabling hybrid cloud architectures faster and more cost-effectively, and securing sensitive data.

Delphix is in the Amazon Marketplace

The Amazon Marketplace lets you deploy Delphix on demand, as needed. Our data platform supports all of your workloads running on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2.