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Accelerate Application Development in a Hybrid-Cloud Architecture

The Delphix DataOps platform delivers secure data in minutes to streamline Azure migration projects and remove data bottlenecks from DevOps workflows.

Eliminate slow data provisioning cycles

Whether your production database lives in Azure or remains on-premise, securing and provisioning data for application development in the cloud is likely the slowest part of your CI/CD pipeline.  Delphix rapidly delivers data to eliminate days or even weeks of wait states for fast-moving release trains.  Light-weight virtual copies of production data are secured and kept in-sync with production instances and available on-demand to cloud-based dev and test teams. 


Safeguard sensitive data

Maintaining compliance with mandates such as HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR is a challenge when heterogeneous data sources are dispersed across multiple locations.  Delphix masking identifies and replaces sensitive data with fictitious but realistic equivalents, maintaining referential integrity across data sources and locations.  Data can be masked on-premise to ensure no sensitive data leaves the production network, or applied directly to data sources in the cloud. 

Data agility and independent control for dev and test

Leveraging the flexibility of a cloud infrastructure provides opportunities for application teams to increase agility, efficiency, and speed of innovation.  But digital transformation requires data transformation, and with Delphix your data can be as agile as your code.  Self-service access and dynamic controls to rewind, bookmark, and share test data means dev and test teams can shift left to uncover defects earlier in the software delivery lifecycle to maximize release velocity and improve application quality.


Delphix is in the Azure Marketplace  

Azure Virtual Machines provide flexibility for a range of infrastructure configurations for running Delphix.


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