Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Security, Backup & Migration Platform

Delphix securely delivers data everywhere—including Azure. By providing a single platform to secure and distribute data, Delphix simplifies migrations to Azure, paves the way for DevOps, and reduces data privacy risks.

Lock down sensitive information

Delphix automatically detects and masks confidential data across a broad range of data sources, eliminating security barriers to Azure migration. 


Deliver data to Azure with efficiency

Compress and move data into Azure, with the ability to replicate incremental changes when cloud environments need to be refreshed. With Delphix, businesses can easily migrate large amounts of data, and simplify hybrid cloud operations with dev/test environments in Azure. 

Accelerate cloud-based development

Rapidly spin up Azure-based data environments so that teams leveraging agile development methodologies move at maximum speed. Streamline processes with self-service features for developers, API integrations into DevOps tools, and the ability to share datasets with other users in an Azure Virtual Network.


Delphix Increases Speed and Security of Cloud Deployments with Support for Microsoft Azure

Now available with most major cloud platforms, Delphix Dynamic Data Platform enables secure delivery, management and access to data to streamline cloud and hybrid operations.

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