DevOps TDM: Automate test data for fast, quality releases

How Sky UK is accelerating DevOps with API-driven data automation

DevOps initiatives are still constrained by slow, manual, poor quality test data. A modern approach to test data management is needed to accelerate and scale DevOps. In this webinar technical experts from Sky UK, Delphix and HashiCorp discuss key technologies needed to facilitate API-centric data automation and tool chain integration. 

Watch the webinar to see:

  • How to use a central control plane to automate data provisioning and management

  • Why integrating ephemeral data into your DevOps toolchain accelerates CI/CD pipelines

  • A demo of end-to-end developer experience with Terraform Cloud and Delphix, integrating data automation into a DevOps toolchain

Alan Abernethy

Engineering Manager, Sky UK

An Engineering Manager and individual contributor with over 30 years’ experience across the selection, deployment and support of software tools. Involved in Dev Ops before it had a name, if you’ve done something twice automate it and keep it simple.

Nic Jackson

Developer Advocate, HashiCorp

Highly motivated to create the finest technological offerings. My passion is teaching technology, when not writing, I enjoy spending time making videos for my YouTube channel "All things microservices". Outside of technology I enjoy cycling, running and raising money for a charity I run with my wife.

Brian Muskoff

Sr. Director of Product Management, Delphix

Brian Muskoff has built his career around leading global product teams to create solutions that help large enterprises safely and intelligently streamline the flow of value through the software delivery pipeline. At Delphix he leads the Data Platform business line that is focused on providing market-leading DevOps Test Data Management offerings.

Ann Rosen

Director of Product Marketing, Delphix

Ann Rosen is a Director of Product Marketing at Delphix, focused on DevOps Test Data Management (TDM) to accelerate digital transformation. Ann is passionate about bringing positive change through technology and has been involved in enterprise software and services for a couple of decades. She has specialized in areas such as cloud data management and protection, Java and software development. Prior to Delphix Ann has lead product marketing in organizations of various sizes and maturity, including Informatica, Druva and Sun Microsystems.