news - May 28, 2020

Delphix Accelerates Shift to Digital for Global Enterprises

Data Platform Now Provides Comprehensive Coverage From Kubernetes to Mainframes

REDWOOD CITY, California, May 28, 2020 -- Delphix, the industry leader in DataOps, announced the completion of its original mission to provide a comprehensive data platform to accelerate digital and customer experience transformation for global enterprises.

With physical lockdowns rolling across the world, companies have accelerated the shift from physical to digital business models and operations. Enterprises need to adapt quickly to these changing market conditions or risk being disrupted by more agile competitors.

“With our latest platform release, we’ve completed our original mission,” said Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix Founder and CEO. “In order to drive digital or customer experience transformations, companies need to harness data across a multi-generational range of systems, from ERP implementations to apps running on the mainframe. Our platform collects data across these systems to fuel cloud, AI, and other digital transformation programs—cutting time and cost by more than 20%.”

Delphix was founded in 2008, during the last financial crisis, to help companies do more with their data. The Delphix Data Platform started with support for Oracle databases and applications. Early customers quickly loaded ERP systems like SAP and Oracle EBS onto the platform, achieving dramatic results.

“We tried a new technology and won big,” said a senior IT manager at KLA-Tencor, a Fortune 1000 manufacturer and the first company to deploy Delphix. “Delphix provides the elasticity to expand our project infrastructure when we need it.” KLA-Tencor used Delphix to go from two to eleven SAP projects a year, while reducing data footprint by 94% and saving over $400K in infrastructure costs.

“Data is the key constraint for complex projects like SAP releases," said Ashwin Ballal, former CIO at KLA-Tencor. "SAP projects cost millions and are critical for managing core business processes like order to cash.”

After Oracle databases and applications, Delphix added support for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, SAP ASE, SAP HANA, and other major applications and database platforms. “Customers need a comprehensive data platform to help drive transformations,” said Yueh. “Otherwise, it’s like trying to fly a plane without sufficient instrumentation. With our most recent platform release, we have completed everything on our initial roadmap.”

In 2019, Delphix made its data platform SDKs available to ISVs. Since launching its SDKs and the DataOps marketplace, Delphix data coverage has expanded to include:

  • Legacy platforms: mainframe, Informix, etc.

  • New data platforms: MongoDB, CouchDB, MariaDB, etc.

  • Cloud platforms: Aurora, RedShift, Azure SQL, etc.

  • Workflow, monitoring platforms: ServiceNow, Splunk, etc.

  • Automation platforms: Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Chef, etc.

In addition, over the last decade, the Delphix platform has achieved a series of significant scale milestones, while supporting many of the world’s largest companies on their transformation programs:

  • Over 100,000 development, testing, and analytics environments;

  • Over 30,000 customer applications released per year;

  • Over 2 million automated data operations;

  • Over 2 exabytes of customer data across private and public clouds.

“We have customers managing thousands of releases and approaching a million monthly CI pipeline runs on our platform,” said Jason Grauel, Delphix VP of Product Management. “That would be impossible without API-driven access to a range of sophisticated data operations.”

The Delphix Data Platform provides critical features that instrument data across the application lifecycle including:

  • Virtualization, which radically shrinks data footprint;

  • Time machine to travel to any point in time;

  • Version control, which lets developers and data scientists manage data like code;

  • Compliance, which includes profiling, templates, and automated data masking;

  • Integration to enable fast data synchronization across systems;

  • Replication to move data across private and public clouds;

  • Automation to integrate with DevOps and CI/CD tools.

It took Delphix a decade to achieve its original mission, which laid the foundation for enterprise-wide data coverage. Over that period Delphix also built a profitable business with over $100 million in annual recurring revenue. Now Delphix is looking to the future.

“We use Delphix to synchronize and extract student data from on-prem to AWS for the CSU Chancellor’s Office,” said Rudy Gonzales, Unisys Program Director at California State University. “Now that we have a super-fast data bridge to the cloud, we’re able to harness AI technologies to drive better student outcomes. I’m excited to see where Delphix takes its data platform next.”

“The ability to quickly and securely collect and distribute data across the entire spectrum of multi-generational systems is compelling,” said Jim Mercer, research director, DevOps, IDC. “It can help enterprises accelerate digital transformation programs and more easily embrace disruptive technologies like AI and cloud.”

“With the foundation in place, the next 10-year horizon is focused on unlocking the full value of the data in our platform,” said Yueh. “Cloud, AI, and the regulatory horizon are forming the perfect storm. Our native data operations, APIs, and SDKs make it increasingly easy for customers and ISVs to weave data across their compliance and transformation programs. And we’ll continue to invest in building out that ecosystem.

“In the end, we believe that every company is a data company if it wants to survive. And if companies want to master data operations, they’ll need a purpose-built platform to manage data across the ongoing transformation lifecycle.”

  • Delphix will host the first-ever (virtual) Data Company Conference on June 25th, 2020, highlights of which include:

  • Opening Keynote by Jedidiah Yueh: 7 Deadly Sins in the Age of AI;

  • Leaders from the world’s largest brands will share their experiences of mastering data operations to accelerate innovation;

  • Experts will be on hand all day to discuss key topics such as cloud adoption, CX; transformation, data privacy, and AI/ML;

  • A preview of the future vision for the Delphix Data Platform.

Register for the event here.

About Delphix
Delphix is the industry leader in DataOps and provides an intelligent data platform that accelerates digital transformation for leading companies around the world. The Delphix Data Platform supports a broad spectrum of systems—from Oracle databases to mainframes, ERP applications, and Kubernetes containers. Delphix provides a comprehensive range of data operations and APIs to enable modern CI/CD workflows and automates data compliance for privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. In addition, Delphix helps companies sync data from private to public clouds, accelerating cloud migrations, customer experience transformation, and the adoption of disruptive AI technologies. In a world where every company is becoming a data company, Delphix provides a critical platform to enable data-driven transformation. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.