Delphix for Microsoft Fabric

Automate data compliance and security with Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Fabric.

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Compliance Risk Inhibits Data Movement, Access in the Cloud

The cloud is filled with personally identifiable information (PII), fueling privacy compliance and security risk. PII from every production app often flows to 10+ downstream systems for dev, test, and analytics, creating risks that organizations handle manually—or sometimes not at all. Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Fabric automates data compliance and security to reduce risk, unblock data movement, and accelerate innovation.

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    Enable Data Compliance, Security
    Mask data governed by privacy laws and industry regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA.

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    Streamline Data Delivery
    Automate compliance in data flows to eliminate bottlenecks.

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    Use Quality Data for Development, Analytics
    Innovate using real, masked data while maintaining referential integrity.

Unlock Data Streams with Automated Masking

Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Fabric automatically masks PII, supplanting manual processes for delivering compliant data. Masking replaces sensitive data with fictitious yet realistic values that retain data relationships, so teams mitigate risk while ensuring developers and analysts can easily consume the right data.

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Key Capabilities

  • Automated data masking on the fly
    Apply masking to data to transform sensitive values into realistic, yet fictitious values.

  • Data realism, referential integrity
    Use real, high-quality data for fast developer feedback and accurate analytics.

  • Extensive masking algorithm library
    Mask using a comprehensive algorithm set, plus flexibility to customize for specific requirements.

  • Version control
    Save versions of masked data for use across development and test environments.

  • Data subsetting
    Reduce data volumes as data is masked to save time, costs.

  • Incremental masking
    Mask only changed data to allow for fast refresh, for sources that support change data capture.