Delphix Celebrates Customer Service Week 2022

During the first week of October, Delphix is celebrating Customer Service Week 2022 to honor the work of our exemplary customer support team on behalf of our customers.

Marilyn Lin

Oct 02, 2022

Within days of starting as Delphix’s vice president of global customer support, it became clear to me that I was working with a highly proficient customer support team at Delphix. That’s part of the reason why I relish helping this team grow and scale to reach new heights as they continue to delight our customers and excel in how they deliver the Delphix customer experience. 

In fostering that growth, I’m excited to announce that, for the first time, Delphix will be formally celebrating Customer Service Week during the week of Oct. 3, 2022. 

Each year, thousands of organizations worldwide celebrate Customer Service Week to recognize the importance of customer service and the individuals who support customers regularly. The U.S. Congress declared Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event in 1992, and it is celebrated annually on the first full week of October.

I think it’s essential to celebrate Customer Service Week for three reasons: 

  • It drives awareness of customer support, which is a crucial yet frequently overlooked part of businesses. 

  • It fosters a positive work environment, which inspires even more teamwork.

  • Most importantly, it recognizes and celebrates our customer support team’s hard work. This hard work is vital because our customers would be left unserved and unsatisfied without it. 

​What Motivates The Delphix Team

In the weeks leading up to Customer Service Week, I reached out to my team to share their customer support experiences. One of the questions I asked them was why they entered the customer support field and what continues to drive them in furthering their careers in the profession. After all, we all choose our professions for different reasons.

The answers that my team gave are inspiring, to say the least:

We genuinely love serving our customers: “I love delivering quality service, as well as the way it makes people feel when you deliver it. There's pride in getting it right.” - Mark Coggle, senior director of EMEA/India customer support

We thrive in solving technical issues: “I enjoy the challenge to understand and resolve technical problems. It provides continued opportunities to learn. It is also great to assist customers with these problems.” - Newton Nyante, senior technical support engineer

We enjoy the diversity of work that customer support brings: “I enjoy the variety of the work and the fact that no day is ever the same. After over 20 years in a support role, I am still learning and developing. I also love the fact I am helping someone and the satisfaction this brings.” - Anonymous senior support specialist

The Delphix Difference

My transition into my role at Delphix was seamless, largely because of how much professionalism, camaraderie, and tenure my team has. Over 53% of Delphix Customer Support team members have been with the company for over six years. But that’s hardly surprising, as Delphix’s company culture, work environment, and innovative products offer a lot of opportunities to the team, such as:

Delphix exposes the team to new technologies and new ideas: “I believe Delphix has provided unique opportunities where one can learn new things and newer technologies, suggest and execute ideas, collaborate across teams, and get regular transparent communications from the leadership and Products teams.” - Pushkar Gohel, technical support manager

Delphix fosters collaboration and opportunities across departments: “Delphix keeps providing feedback to the Customer Support team. That feedback not only comes from management but across other departments. Career progression is possible in and outside the Customer Support department.” - Sandro Latini, principal support engineer

Delphix has cultivated a skilled and close-knit customer support team: “I work with an exceptionally talented team who are always ready to jump in and help our customers. I feel privileged to be part of this team. I am always learning something new, and I love it if I can share something new with them.” - Claudia O’Callaghan, principal technical support engineer

Pleasure to be of Service

We genuinely care about our customers and their success— after all, Delphix wouldn’t be able to succeed without our customers. Service drives everything we do, and that guiding principle is palpable whenever our team talks about the nature of our work:

Delphix invests in its employees, and it shows when we work with our customers: “Delphix fosters greatness in anything one does in the company. In return Delphix customers want to work with us, which cannot be said for many IT companies.” - Marisa Damaso, senior technical support engineer

We’re focused not just on the issue at hand, but a customer’s overall experience: “Working with Delphix has helped to develop a mindset of ‘solving for the next case.’ Beyond resolving the immediate issue, what can I do now to resolve a similar issue more quickly next time, or prevent it from being an issue in the future?” - Nathan Jolly, senior principal technical support engineer

Ensuring the success of our customers is our top priority: “The Delphix Customer Support team globally is the most customer-focused support organization I have been involved with. There’s a friendly competitiveness to provide "good, better, best" support.” - Anonymous principal technical support engineer

Celebrating Customer Service

I’m enthusiastic about elevating the importance of customer support within organizations because the insight that we gain about customers’ product usage through our interactions resolving customer issues can be fed back into product management, engineering, and marketing. With such an excellent customer support team on Delphix’s support frontlines, celebrating Customer Service Week 2022 is a great step towards showcasing the importance of our customer support team and their contributions to driving customer success. 

I hope you’ll join me in recognizing that the Delphix Customer Support team executes above and beyond to ensure that our customers’ needs are addressed day in and day out. And if you’re looking to join a dynamic team that takes care of our customers and each other with pride, we’re hiring!